didnt do good on first exam

  1. Hey everyone,I am in Nursing I and I just had my first exam. I got a 76 and passing in my school is a 70. I knew the material but I don't know what happend. I thought I did really well and was confident. I have been to tutoring and its supposed to help me with how I take tests and get some pointers in how to answer questions. The way I usually study is writing down the information on notecards and ask myself the information in a question format. For example, "what are the 4 functions of the respiratory system?" So those who think index cards aren't the best way, that is how I learn. I'm just really frustrated because the exams aren't going to get any easier. Our school gives us certain page numbers to read so it really helps and it makes the students less overwhelmed by reading a million chapters and pointing out which info is most important. But even then, I feel like I can grasp the material but its very hard for me to apply it. Help! I don't want to just make it past these exams and then trap myself into getting a certain grade when it comes to finals because that is way too overwhelming and my anxiety was thru the roof last semester because of it.Any advice or tips! What am I doing wrong!?
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  3. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    Regular science classes are routinely rote memorization. In Nursing classes you have to show application of the information. In addition there are usually 2 correct answers just one will be more correct. So that being said...you need to know the normal before you can determine the abnormal and the treatment related.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   DeBerham
    Instead of flash cards you might consider getting into a study group with your classmates and teach each other the material. Like the previous poster stated rote memorization will probably not work. You need to understand WHY and the relationships behind concepts. By teaching the material you will gain a deeper understanding by being forced to understand the material at a level which is required to teach it. Also, sometimes having something explained in a different manner may help you "get it". Finally, the repetition (hearing it in class and in a group) may help with retention. Good luck. Often it will get easier, not because the material is simpler but you'll understand how the game is played.
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