Did i make the right decision?

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    So I just started my BSN as a transfer student at a university thats 20 mins away which costs 11k annually (FT). I will be part time until Fall 2014 so its not that bad as I'll graduate in 2016.

    Well, the dilemma Im going through right now is that I am second guessing if I should have applied to CCs?! Honestly, both are 40+ mins away and of course cost less so I could pay it off every semester. Those are the only benefits.

    I dont need pre-reqs and all and I will graduate in the same timeline except at the BSN, I'll graduate with 30k in debt (which is what is freaking me out)

    I know I'll be able to pay it back asap but the thought of having debt outside of my mortgage is a bit daunting.

    btw Im working at a Magnet hosp and although they prefer BSNs, being internal might creat an exemption

    What do you guys think?

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    Magnet is looking at 80% BSN's by 2020, so there is definitely time. Have you looked at online RN-BSN programs? Generally they are around 18 months, everything is done from home, and cost around 20-24K which would be about what you are looking at now, without the lost work time, lost sleep, and gas costs. A friend of mine just started at Grand Canyon out of Phoenix, AZ and is already in I think her 4th 5 week class? I am about to complete my MSN-Ed from there as well. Total about $27K for RN-MSN for me.

    Also ask your HR about tuition reimbursement. The hospital I used to work for had a minimal reimbursement of like $2500 a year, but now they will pay 80% if you sign a post graduation 2 year contract and your degree is applicable to your job, which if you are an RN is pretty cut and dry.

    I wouldn't hinge my career on a subjective exemption. I would just get the degree done. GCU and many online programs can have you rolling, financial aid and all, in a matter of days and you could be done with two classes before something at a brick and motar even gets the syllabus out.

    As far as online payment schedules the undergrad classes were about $1300 every 5 weeks, so if you think you could keep up with that you could also pay as you go. Though I might consider getting a rewards points credit card, say like Amazon or a frequent flyer card to use to pay tuition. Then you get points/benefits etc as well as a place to store the debt as you pay it off. Overall the interest rates don't really compound heavily unless you get over 10Kish. Might be worth looking into as well.

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    Quote from Tait
    Have you looked at online RN-BSN programs?

    Also ask your HR about tuition reimbursement.

    Though I might consider getting a rewards points credit card, say like Amazon or a frequent flyer card to use to pay tuition.
    I dont have an RN so I wouldnt be able to do that

    I get tuition reimbursement from my hosp but Im pt so its like 2000k/year

    I had not thought about a rewards card (I do own a BOA student platinum cc but I am not sure abt the rewards as it isnt cash back?)
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    Oh sorry. I read "I work at a Magnet Hospital" and thought you were already an RN. My bad.

    In 2007 I was one of the last ADNs hired by a large ATL metropolitan Magnet hospital. I would say talk to HR and see what they think about getting your ADN first. Perhaps you can set up some kind of contract to do ADN then roll into your BSN completion? However, even with a BSN any kind of internal connections may not pan out either
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    Let me add that my current employer does offer a pre-paid option for registered nurses who can obtain a position at the hospital and are willing to go back and get their BSN or MSN. So this will be another addition or benefit as to why community college wouldn't be out of the question. One of the main reason I wound up choosing the BSN pathway because I was worried about the job prospects for ADN graduates and I could use the pre-pay for my MSN

    I completely agree with your last point. And this is another reason why I leaned towards the BSN as quite a few other hospitals post jobs like "RN licensure required, BSN preferred"

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    The pre-pay on the MSN is awesome and Magnet hospitals LOVE MSN nurses as well.
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    So I think I did the right thing... Wasnt sure where this sudden "what the..." came from! Thanks mucho
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    Quote from besaangel
    So I think I did the right thing... Wasnt sure where this sudden "what the..." came from! Thanks mucho
    Best of luck!
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    Thanks do much. I really needed to hear that
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    So life has taken an unexpected turn... Just found out that my grandad has some kind of kidney failure and is living in a nursing home and my dad is devastated; which means I'm going to have to file his immigration papers (sooner than expected) for him to come see his dad. And there is no way I'm going to be able to afford the BSN and immigration fees so I guess I'll be applying to the CC this August and will be transferring if I get in... *tear*

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