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Dear Nursing Students/Orientees: A Love Note from the Preceptor from Hell - page 12

Warning: The following post is rife with brutal honesty and frustration. Read at your own risk. Memorandum from the desk of Your Friendly Neighborhood Sociopath~~ Dear Nursing... Read More

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    People who accept criticisms positively only proves that they are sensible...those who are defensive,well,you know how their mind works..very nice write up..
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    I hope I'm lucky enough to get an entire arsenal of preceptors like you..this is exactly how I learn and I feel it should be even MORE so like this because of what is at risk!
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    I know I'm late to the party, but I want to say that this philosophy and approach are so very similar to my that of my former preceptor (who is now a very loved and respected colleague of mine). It's also the type of preceptor I aspire to be. To CheesePotato, my own preceptor, and all other preceptors who refuse to coddle new nurses but do everything in their power to make us successful, I salute you! Some of our peers may not realize it, but the rest of us "new kids" recognize the passion you have for our success and feel a debt of gratitude we may never be able to repay. Thank you!
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    Wonderful article. May there be more like you!
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    I am a new nurse and start my residency on Monday. Thank you for this article. It gives me a little insight on what to expect, a preceptor's point of view, and what I can do to be a good orientee.
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    Have not seen CheesePotato post in a while, but I really really loved this article of hers.
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    This is beautifully written. In my first career, I had a mentor a lot like this and I'm so grateful for it because it made me a better teacher. There were days when I couldn't stand her, but in the end, it helped shape me into a better version of myself than when I started. I hope as I go forward into nursing that I get someone like this who pushes me to excel so that I can reach my potential. Thank you for writing this.