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I sprained my knee while skiing on New Years Day. I've had x-rays so I know I didn't break anything, but I haven't yet had an MRI so I'm not sure yet if I've torn anything. Anyways, I am worried... Read More

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    No crutches on the floors unless you're a patient.

    I was able to work on a broken ankle but I had a walking cast and wore long scrub pants so nobody noticed, other than one patient who remarked that my shoes didn't match -- I wore a wool sock over my toe.
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    So my knee has gotten a lot better the past week. I got the okay from my doctor to quit babying it today, but if it doesn't get better by the end of the weekend I'll be getting an MRI. I think I just need to get used to walking on it. I've definitely got a major limp going on.
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    I always thought that was the hardest part of knee injuries, the mental part. Doctors can say your knee is back to normal, but YOU know that it doesn't feel like normal. I wish you well and praying that it feels better for you.

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