Concept Maps?

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    Our nursing school started concept mapping 2 years ago. I was wandering if anyone else has to do these, and if so...any help would be great. I honestly thought they are the same thing as a care plan...but in our school we have to do both.

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    i have to do them. do you have a form already? do you do them before you care for the pt or after? do you have something specific that you don't understand about them?
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    Is a concept map the same thing as a maxi map? Can you please elaborate on the concept mapping please?
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    If it is what I am thining of, yes, I have done one. Used WordPerfect, and took 3 pages. It is a "picture" of a careplan. Best I can describe. Fun, really. Shows how everything relates to one another, too.

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    I have had to do concept maps before. I have a website that has a free template on it if you need one. They were easier than they looked.
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    All I know is that they told us we have to do them and that they are called concept maps. I know we have to do them after our assessment of the patient. We also have to do the head to toe assessment, the care plan, and a disease process paper that are all due the second day of our clinicals each week. Our clinicals are monday and tuesday, so all of that is due on tuesdays. they had a one day class about the care plans and concept maps, but I haven't actually done one yet and I was hoping some help with what all goes into them. just some sample one's or something. I am more of a visual learner and there wasn't much visuals that day. thanks
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    i attached a concept map from my first quarter. it isn't stellar by any means, but it may give you a bit of direction?
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    VERY different from the ones we did. Used rectangles, circles, triangles and such to link things in ours. Wish the disc didn't go kerfloot on me.....

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    I am surprised they didnt give you an visuals or samples. We have had to do concept maps all through nursing school. Our school at least gave us forms to follow.
    This last semester they added an addendum for us to do. Though hard at first, we finally got it down. I am sharing a concept map from my 3rd semester, and also a concept map with accompaning addendum from this past semester.

    hope this helps!

    p.s. I blacked out any possible identifying facts.
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    thanks so much for all your help. I'm really grateful.

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