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Clinical procedures

  1. 0 I was reading a really helpful post the other day and forgot to bookmark it Someone had mentioned a book that had clinical procedures along with pictures of each step. Does anyone have any ideas what it may be called? It wasn't an actual textbook, more like a study guide of the procedures. Thanks!
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    Sorry, I don't understand your post. What does Bump! mean?
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    Oh, I just noticed that nobody had replied to your post, and I was also interested in this book, so I bumped it up to the front so that hopefully it will be seen and someone will reply.
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    I bought "Kozier & Erb's Techniques in Clinical Nursing" ISBN #= 0131142291 for about $4 on Amazon. I don't think it's the most recent edition, but packing wounds doesn't change every two years, right? : )
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    Quote from Tristan Young
    hey i just downloaded an clinical skills app from Itunes... U might find it usefull. Its Called "clinical skills modules 1 & 2" its a skills I can watch on my iphone.
    Nice I just downloaded the Lite version.

    Are the full versions worth the money?
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    I like hawknurse of YouTube -- and it is free.
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    Maybe you are thinking about the ATI DVDs and books.
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    I have a book called "Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques" by Perry & Potter. This may be what you are thinking about. It was listed as an optional book for my 1st semester, and my Concepts Lab instructor highly recommended it. This shows pictures of the procedures and has step by step instructions and rationales. I bought the 6th edition from an individual Amazon seller to save money, especially since was an optional book, but there is a more recent edition available. The ISBN # for this edition is 978-0-323-02839-4.