Clinical Instructor and Student Nurse Relationship (have you encountered?) Clinical Instructor and Student Nurse Relationship (have you encountered?) | allnurses

Clinical Instructor and Student Nurse Relationship (have you encountered?)

  1. 0 I just want to hear from you if what is your opinion about CI-SN relationship? if you have any story or experience, feel free to share it.
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    Moved to General Nursing Student Forum, as more appropriate forum for this type of inquiry
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    What do you mean? Are you asking if a student has ever dated their clinical instructor?
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    Quote from Lee_Uy
    I just want to hear from you if what is your opinion about CI-SN relationship? if you have any story or experience, feel free to share it.
    It should be chaste and holy...

    No, seriously, could you please elaborate?
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    I've had some that were strictly teachers and others that I have a great fondness for an I consider amazing mentors. Is that what you're asking? No, you can't date/sleep with them.
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    A guy in my clinical lab class is dating the instructor's daughter. The daughter is not in the nursing program.
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    Scandalous! Totally unprofessional. But I love me a good lifetime movie
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    IMHO totally inappropriate. Seen many professors make the news over relationships w/ students lucky none to my knowledge are in the Nursing profession.
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    hahahhaha I didn't even think of what the op was writing as talking about that kind of relationship. I was thinking about just like what the relationship between the two is like. I guess I didn't think of it the other way because 1st ewwwww 2nd wow 3rd unprofessional, inappropriate on a lot of levels and something Ive never heard of....
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    One of my instructors is married to one of his former nursing students
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    The kind of relationship I try to have my clinical instructors is one of a collegial nature. I would personally not dream of having a romantic type relationship with any instructor of mine. Anything of that nature would have to wait until we are, quite literally, peers. Anything otherwise would be something that would be considered quite unethical.

    That is my take on this particular subject.
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    My clinical instructor is not liked by many people because she's infection control & people are constantly being caught doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. Personally, I love her. I went in with a light attitude & poked fun at her a little & was sure to tell her I was only kidding. I suppose it could have gone the wrong way but my guess is that she's not used to students being so friendly & some of my clinical buddies tease me saying I'm a brown noser. lol It's okay, though. I really do like my clinical instructor & like the tax man, she just has a job that some people love to hate. I don't take it so personally. I'm very glad to have her & wish I could keep her for every rotation.

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    Since the OP didn't elaborate, difficult to know what we're talking about here. As far as students and instructors dating, during my non nursing undergrad it was commonplace. I even had one professor (English dept) who dated TWO DIFFERENT GUYS with whom I was involved (not at the same time, but still, it was weird. It was 20,000 + student campus). One of my profs married his student. Students and profs dated while the student was in the profs class.

    In nursing, I simply cannot IMAGINE that happening. Nursing school is like a wholly different animal than "regular" college. There is an expectation of role modeling and holding oneself to a higher standard and all of that. There also seems to be more personal distancing from students. This is just my assessment from what I've seen. I'm not making any judgments on any of it, more just observations.