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Do any of you have instructors that use clickers? After spending several years in a distance learning environment, I'm back in my second (and last) semester finishing a traditional degree part-time, so forgive me if I'm behind... Read More

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    $52 and $60 for a clicker. Your school's bookstore is ripping you off.

    I got mine for $35, and then got a $20 rebate. when i sent in reciepts for both clicker and required textbook for the class.

    For us, the questions asked via clicker were not worth any grades. Sometimes the teacher would ask basic questions at the beginning of the class to see how much we had obtained from pre-class readings.

    And sometimes during class, but they were all to test whether we were getting the basics down.

    As another poster said, some do need to read read read several times to grasp things, but i think most would grasp basics by 1 reading, listening to the proff, and overhead notes to look at (for visual learners).

    Our clickers were not connected to our name, so no attendance was taken. Mine always registered though.

    Like anything, clickers can be used productively, and not productively.

    I personally loved them, and wish more of my classes used them.

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    I thought that it was about dog training too. lol.

    I think it would be a good idea if it was implemented as more of a review at the end of the lecture/section. I think if the quesitons were in with the lecture it would get kind of annoying to stop and answer the questions. I would also be concerned if they were using it for some type of points added to your grade because you wouldn't be able to tell if your clicker was syncing properly.
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    Yeah, we had iClickers last term for adult health 1 (med/surg). After every 5-10 ppt slides, a nclex style question would come up and everyone would have to anwser. Not graded but was supposed to help us with our tests. We were penalized if we forgot them though. Maybe they helped a little bit, but IMO not worth the money spent on them. I think we may use them once more last term. And we can't sell them back.
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    While I like doing review questions in class, and all of our professors include them in our lectures, it just seems unnecessary to me to force students to purchase a "clicker" to keep them involved. I feel that in college it is not the professor's job to force students to engage in class, and that everyone should get exactly out of class what they put into it. I used to be one of those shy people who never spoke up in class unless I was specifically called on (throughout the first 6 or so years I spent in college), but when I started NS I decided I was going to make a conscious effort to talk in class. I don't try to take it over or anything, but I've forced myself to raise my hand or attempt to answer one question per class. All my professors know my name and that I'm a good student who comes to class and makes a serious effort, and I'll be a lot more comfortable when I need to ask for recommendations for jobs or grad school. We're all going to need to be able to speak up for ourselves and our patients as nurses, so don't see how allowing students to hide behind a clicker helps them to become more assertive. Plus, most of my instructors can barely work powerpoint. We don't need any more technology for them to have to figure out.
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    I already have one degree and will be starting a BSN in 2009. I think they sound like they might help engage the student however I also think that I got through enough school already without one.
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    never seen or heard of them. Our instructor always used little colored cards for different answers. She would have question on PP and then we would all raise a certain color card to indicate which question was correct. Quick visual response, and cheap, but negative side to it is students can change their answers fairly quickly not to feel dumbed down.
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    Our professor just mentioned using them also. She said they are working on getting them, so not sure if they will even be implemented before the end of the semester. And seeing how I graduate in May, I'm not to worried about it.

    Thanks for posting this, I've been wondering the same thing.

    On another note, nice to see an Aggie supporter lingering around!

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    hi all is there anyone who can give me suggestions on wat review books/materials im going to purchase for my nclex review? going to take the exam (nclex-rn) this march. thanks!
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    Quote from saranghe
    hi all is there anyone who can give me suggestions on wat review books/materials im going to purchase for my nclex review? going to take the exam (nclex-rn) this march. thanks!

    I think if you posted this question on the main forum you'd get better responses

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