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Issues such as race and social class can rub peoplesí nerves the wrong way, especially if one uses poor wording or an inappropriate tone during discussion. For this reason, I will try to generate discourse regarding the... Read More

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    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    To Pricharilla,
    YOUdescribe several events in this thread,
    where you felt you were a victim of discrimination(because some black person called you names)
    and conclude
    that "blacks are most racist, cuz the person who was racist to ME belonged to that group"
    and those in your own ethnic group, have not been racist to YOU....

    .............apparently unaware of the obvious flaw in your logic there, that i've tried a few times to help you understand, but, near as i can tell, you still don't get why that is a very questionable way to make a conclusion.

    you state,
    that the only discrimination you know of, towards blacks, was FROM other blacks, (an amazing statement, really---says a LOT about your knowledge base on this topic)
    you accuse ME of making conclusions based too much on my own experience? really? *I'M* the one doing that, eh?

    oh my.
    but, i will agree with one remark, that you and i will probably never see eye to eye on this topic.
    Ma'am, do you even read my replies to you? Or do you just scan them for catch phrases to attack without reading the entire sentence you found them in? Everything, and I mean everything that you've addressed in any of your replies to a post of mine have been answered and re-answered in follow up replies by myself. Yet in this new posts-and in your reply to icysagenurse that you mention me in-you are constantly repeating yourself. I can understand and accept if you feel my explanations are just inadequate or unacceptable and don't agree with them. I'll be ok with that. But it's apparent that you are either a) reading and ignoring them or b) not reading them at all. It has to be one of the 2, as you keep repeating yourself over and over. No rebuttals, just repeats.

    To be fair it may be my fault. I'm new to forums-I prefer to speak rather than type -so perhaps you are skipping over my replies because they are mixed within your own quotes and you thought those words in the quote box were yours in their entirety. To clarify, the non bolded portions of your quotes that I use in my replies are your words, and the bolded paragraphs following the non bolded are my replies to your words above. I've seen others do this so I followed suit-I don't know how to break long posts up into multiple quotes on the same post on AN. If this was the problem I apologize. If you are so inclined Ma'am, perhaps you should reread both of our previous posts in order now that you are armed with this information. It should shed light on things.

    Also, in your response to icysagenurse you referred to me as a "she." This lends credence to my theory that you likely skipped over much of what I was trying to say.
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    Gosh I can relate to almost everyone of these post!

    I am a Black Female and just graduated from Nursing School as well. I get the same shocked face when I apply for jobs as a nurse, also even bigger shocker a Bachelors Prepared Nurse. In school I was one of 3 black girls and everyone treated me like I was one of the slowest individuals in the class. Maybe it was my nonchalant attitude and nonworrying that everyone thought I must be the person getting the barely passing grades, but I am sure it was more. It wasnt until my last semester that everyone was talking about paying off student loans that I told them I was on scholarship and had NO LOANS TO PAY OFF. The response was like "Wow I didnt know you were smart?" Hmmm. Why is that?

    Also racism in the workplace is definately there! But I seemed to get more racism from the Black Nurses than the white nurses. It was like the whole nurses eat their young mentality, but I think it had to do with the fact that another black woman was getting to their level. Idk but this article is an eye opener to people who think racism doesnt exist. I have had patients say some really racist things to me, although I found them REALLY FUNNY! I am not the uptight black girl everyone thinks that I should be. When I am asked about my hair, clothes, skin, speech, education, etc. I dont get upset because honestly people really ask these questions because they DO NOT KNOW. I decide to educate and make sure to mention to NEVER ask any other black person some the questions because they might not be as nice I am, lol.

    Thanks again for the awesome article!!

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