Class of 2013 stand up:-)

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    Woohoo a long awaited ending to a scary, stressful, hair pulling journey! I will graduate in August 2013 with my ADN !!!!! Whose with me?
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    Congrats to you!! I know that must feel like a two ton weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and all of your hard work has finally paid off! Sadly, I will only be starting my program next fall, so my long journey is just beginning. When do you take your NCLEX?
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    Just finished the LPN level of my program. One year (2 semesters) to go and I will graduate with my ADN and take the NCLEX-RN in December 2013. So ready!
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    LPN-RN bridge..I will graduate May 2013!
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    Yahhhhhhhh 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduate May 2013 with my BSN so amazed taht Ive made it this far and so nervous about surviving my last semester!!!! I cannot believe we are all here. We should all be so proud of ourselves.
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    I will graduate with my BSN in December 2013. I'm in an innovative nursing program that only consists of three semesters.
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    December 2013! We have come so far. Congrats to the rest of the 2013 grads!
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    Very exciting and you should all be very proud! It was not easy task to get to where you are today -- so kudos and my hat off to all that achieved this great milestone. Congratulations!!! I will hopefully share the same good news in 2 years (Dec 2015)...I start nursing school on January 22.
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    WOOHOO!!!! Can't get enough of these graduation threads I graduate in May 2013 with my BSN. Sweet relief is right around the corner!!
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    December 2013!!!!!!!!!

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