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Cert Med Aid or Phlebotomy class?

  1. 1 Hi. I will be returning to school for ADN this fall but was wondering if anyone might offer feed back on which class to take in the mean time while waiting to return.

    This summer I will have completed and recieved my CRN so that I can get a part time job to hopefully get more exposure to the medical environment.

    But after class is over, I will still have time to take another class before the ADN starts up again.

    Which class would be most beneficial for my nursing career, Certified Medication Aide or Phlebotomy?
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    I took a phlebotomy class and I highly recommend it. I can tell you that just over 50% of my classmates were nurses who felt they needed/wanted to take the course because they just didn't get enough experience in their schooling (or didn't feel comfortable on the job doing it - one nurse had been a nurse for 10 years and was paying for the class herself to just feel more confident).

    I don't think you can go wrong with a phlebotomy course.
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    Thank youfor that. Do you think that it explains diagnostics in a way that it will benefit too?
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    Everything that you learn in a CMA class will be taught in nursing school. However, very little, if any time is spent on phlebotomy skills in nursing school, and it's unlikely you'll be allowed to perform the skill in clinical.
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    I would definitely take Phlebotomy. I took it last Spring and in my class I'd say 1/3 were currently working LVN's or in VN school. I just started my VN this July, and I was kind of schocked by how littlw time is spent on Phlebotomy skills. I know you're doing your ADN, but it's a great skill to have. I've been working as a Paramedical Examiner (independent contractor) performing life insurance exams in people's homes and offices. Blood draws, vitals and filling out paperwork. Most exams take less than 30 minutes and the pay is around $25 a visit. The pay is pretty good and you set your own schedule, so you work as much or as little as you want/can.
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    When I took my phlebotomy class, there was one student who was already in nursing school and took the class to have more practice. I would definitely recommend it!
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    I am so really greatful to you all for the positive feed back about the phlebotomy class for the skill. Will taking this class also help me understand rationales behind the different diagnostic tests too?
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    My vote is phlebotomy also. Not only will you hone your technique, but will also learn which specimens go in which color container, what tests are included in comprehensive tests (like Hemoglobin is included in CBC). Wish I had had that background before starting as a nurse.
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    Quote from student4lif
    I am so really greatful to you all for the positive feed back about the phlebotomy class for the skill. Will taking this class also help me understand rationales behind the different diagnostic tests too?
    My phlebotomy course did not go over rationales, just skills. Most of the people there were going onto being phlebotomists who do not need to know diagnostics. Yes, they need to know which tube to draw up, but they did not need to know why it was ordered to do their job effectively. You will learn rationales in nursing school or independantly.
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    I agree with grown up Rosie, you don't really learn rationales in phlebotomy school. If you work as a phlebotomist, you may start to pick up trends though and notice certain tests are ordered for certain patients and then when you learn about the rationales in nursing you will probably have a greater understanding.
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    What about certified medication aide? Why is phlebotomy class more beneficial than CMA?
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    I'm not exactly sure about certified medication aide myself but the rationale by others was that in nursing school you learn about medication administration but you don't get very much phlebotomy practice, which is why even nursing students and nurses take the class.