Can't believe I'm a nursing student again... Can't believe I'm a nursing student again... | allnurses

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Can't believe I'm a nursing student again...

  1. 1 I really didn't see myself being here again. I was almost done with my LPN-RN bridge and had to stop due to a back injury. Life, kids, foster care, church obligations, and moving away from my home town had me thinking my life was going in a whole separate direction from nursing. I thought I was content to be a SAHM/homeschooling mom... and I am. Yet, here I am, studying for my HESI, picking out interview clothes for my admission interview on Wednesday, checking out financial aid options. How did I get here???? I know this is my story. I know this is God's plan for my life. My foster children are gone and I need to recertify with another agency. There is a waiting period. Then, Chamberlain called to follow up with me after I let my application sit stagnate. I couldn't make my first appointment due to my husband's declining health and the admissions counselor didn't reply to my requests to reschedule. I thought I was done. BUT THEN, I received an email to complete my FAFSA for Chamberlain. I received a phone call to set up my HESI and interview. I received the student newsletter. This is happening and I'm psyched! My life has taken on a new purpose. I applied for a PRN tech position at my choice children's hospital (because they don't hire LPNs in the ER). My husband is in support of me going back and said, "I think you should do it. You are a nurse at heart, and you always will be." Kids aren't quite as excited but they'll come around. This will be an adjustment for all, but MAN am I blessed. Not officially accepted yet, but I have no doubts. I'm claiming I will have my BSN in 18 months. I WILL go on to become a PNP. Let's GO!!!!
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    determination and motivation is the key in Life. goodluck
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    May God continue to showing you his plans
    Wishing you the best!
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    Thank you so much!!! I am getting psyched. Please keep me in your prayers. This just feels right. NURSE FIRST!
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    Goodluck! Sending prayers your way.
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    This is a very expensive educational option. Did you look at other programs that can provide you with exactly the same outcome for a fraction of the cost?
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    Quote from HouTx
    This is a very expensive educational option. Did you look at other programs that can provide you with exactly the same outcome for a fraction of the cost?
    I did consider the options. Unfortunately, my options for a traditional, non-private school are limited. Life and a failed back surgery in the past has gotten in the way of my success as a student so now I'm sort of in the beggars can't be choosers game. It's a good program, by all accounts, and I am getting a settlement for my back injury which will either pay off my last year or fund my Masters so hopefully it will prove to be a good move. I wish I made better choices in my youth. I simply... didn't.