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Just took my final for Pharmacology. There was a question on there that stumped everyone I talked to. Order: 0.1mcg in 100mL Stock: 25mg/hr We were told that we would not have any drug calculations on test that were not... Read More

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    Orderd: 0.1mcg/100mL
    Have: 25mg/hour

    You need to convert Micrograms to Milligrams, so you Multiply by 1000.

    0.1x1000= 100mg (Conversion Factor)

    100mg x 100mL= 10,000

    10,000 (divided by) 25mg= 400

    Thus your answer is 400mL/hr

    I am unsure if your searching for mg/hr or mL/hour nevertheless here are my calculations.
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    Malenurse, to convert mcg to mg, you divide by 1000, not multiply. So, 0.1mcg is equal to 0.0001mg.
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    Pecan Pies, you are sooo correct!!

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