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Recently I got hired at a hospital nearby as a CNA, which is wonderful because I'm taking this year off (2013) from nursing school and I do want more clinical experience. I felt that I wasn't getting enough clinical experience,... Read More

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    Well, okay. Thank you then. But hopefully it won't get to that point where I need a lawyer anyway.

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    Read up on FERPA. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
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    I think you might be worrying yourself unnecessarily. If you feel there's a mutual dislike between the two of you, there's a strong possibility she'll be avoiding you just as much as you will her. But yes, I agree with you, your grade should be confidential but I have heard instructors tell student's grades in front of other people. Usually other students though, not in a situation like yours.

    I guess I just don't understand what will she gain by telling other people your grade, to get the other girls to dislike you just as much or to make you look stupid? Is she really that immature?
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    I think I am too (worrying unnecessarily). I know that she'd just avoid me. Still, I'm committed to keeping things professional. I absolutely want to make the best impression possible and am just a bit afraid that she might cast a negative impression of me to others. But since I'm in a work environment, and obviously not an academic one, with regards to my CNA job, I think the grade situation is impertinent anyway.
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    We cannot offer legal advice as per the Terms of Service......I agree with checking out FERPA.....but that usually does not include grades. It makes her a gossip and unprofessional but in most cases not illegal. You are right.......Your nursing instructor is impertinent and your grade in this situation is probably inconsequential.
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    Unfortunately, her discussing your grades is not illegal. Ethical and/or moral of her to do? That's questionable.

    However, from what you have already posted, it doesn't seem like she's disclosed your grade to anyone, so I agree: you may be getting worried over nothing. Odds are likely she wouldn't disclose it because as others have said, what would she have to gain by doing so?

    Nor can you control what she does say--should she decide to say it--so that's something you need to let go of as well.

    Go in and prove yourself with your hard work, and keep your relationship with her professional and impeccable at all times. That will speak louder than any words.

    Best of luck.
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