Calling graduating class of 2014!

  1. Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet to buy my uniform and shoes. I am so excited. Can't wait to start. Any one out there starting in September or started over the summer? Let's share our fears, anxiety and experience. Let us all walk this journey together and share our experiences along the way. Let's start our own support group lol! Let's walk the next two years together and keep this thread going....Can't wait to start my classes...
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  3. by   dialysisnurseLC
    I start September 25 I am nervous... But I am trying to prepare for school
  4. by   gelibean
    I am planning to start in the Spring 2013 and graduating Fall 2014! I am taking Pharmacology this semester as the pre-admission class before the start of the ADN program.

    We can do this and nothing can stop us!!
  5. by   alovelymother
    Today's my first day! I'll graduate Spring 2014!
  6. by   ames86
    I started a little over 2 weeks ago and will graduate Spring of 2014!
  7. by   mom_coach_nurse
    I read the title, and thought: Hey! That's me! I start 9/18. So far I'm mostly scared of the unknown. I can't WAIT to go pick up my things from school! It was all included in our tuition, so I haven't got myself anything, besides a student planner, because I don't yet know what I'll need, lol. Good Luck everyone!
  8. by   caughtbuckinoff
    I start September 17th an am very excited! I'm not at all nervous but there are very few things that I get nervous about (thank goodness!). I absolutely adore learning and am jealous that regular classes have already started for the rest of the college. Luckily I have a good friend that started pharmacy school this semester so I have been living vicariously through him. He's studying medicinal chemistry and disease pathology and I am loving the second-hand information! Books and school supplies have already been purchased, uniform and nursing equipment information will be sorted out at orientation.

    Congratulations on getting in everyone! Its going to be a fun ride!
  9. by   LoRNinFL
    I started 2 weeks ago and it has been Crazy!!! The amounts of reading and information I learn on a daily basis is intense compared to the prerequisites. I have enjoyed it so far (yes I know it is still soon) but I love learning all this new info. Good luck to us all and come on May 2014!!
  10. by   onfireforGod
    I completely ditto the post above this one. It's jam packed. I give myself a five minute break for every hour I study. Been studying from the time I get home until when I go to bed! I feel like I'm learning so much though!

    Try to bottle up that eagerness and optimism. People are already starting tobact dreadful in my class. But not me
  11. by   Peaches28
    I start September 5th! It's been such a long time coming, I can't wait! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   Tonks57
    I just started on monday! I love it so far! It is so interesting and my brain is learning so much. You will do great!
  13. by   ap21ril
    I just started this week. It is a lot! Lots of reading, learning skills, and the teachers really expect you to have pre read everything you're covering. It is interesting though, and covering assessments really makes me feel like a nursing student! Haha.
  14. by   dialysisnurseLC
    I'm making so many changes and preparations to start my program.. Becoming an to RN has always been a dream of mine! Last week was a bit overwhelming but I feel like its all coming together now. Im So excited and grateful that I'm almost there (becoming an LPN first was my intro to nursing but I am glad I did t that way first)