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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet... Read More

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    ADN class of 2014!!! Frederick Community College! whoop whoop!
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    I start Spring 2013 and graduate Fall 2014!!!!
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    Hope everyone who has started school is enjoying it. I'm in my 4th week now, and I LOVE it! Scheduled to graduate May 2014.
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    I start Sept.19. I can't wait to get started. So many emotions all at one time. I grad. March 2014!!!!
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    Hey jillypot!!!

    Thank you for walking the yellow brick road with us. We'll share our experiences with you and i hope all our experience is a positive one.
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    Well, as you guys know i started class on sept. 5 and it has been ok so far. I had my first lecture of Thursday with my scary professor, all and all her lectures are very good and seem like her exams will be coming from her hand-outs. I am having my pharmacology calculation exam on Monday and we need a 85% to pass. We were not taught the calculations in class but we were told to read the text book and watch the DVD that came with the book. we have to teach our self the formula...Frankly the calculations seems basic so far and manageable. Lets see how well i do tomorrow lol...
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    i started two weeks ago will be hopefully graduating on spring 2014
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    I started August 22nd!! It's a lot of work, but I like it so far!
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    Neosho County Community College Class of 2014 (December)!!! We start in October with Intro to Nursing and Dosage Calc. I'm VERY excited and can't wait. We had orientation last month and met our instructors and got our badges, planners....Anyways, I'm sure I'm going to need some support through this journey! I'm glad to have found this thread
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    I just had my orientation today I'm very excited and also nervous, but I did not feel like I would be thrown in the water by myself. They made sure to let us know about the student resources for any help you might need. My classes start on the 25th, so I'm a little later than most.
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    Had my first exam and it went very well. Ace my calculation exam! Now onto the real hard word.
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    Congrats to all of you who have already started your programs I start mine on September 24th at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. I graduate in July 2014, I so excited for this opportunity, I know there will be hard times but failure isn't an option. We all just have to remember that. Good luck to all of you. :-)
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    Quote from Wifeoffireman
    I plan to start the nursing program in Spring of 2013 and will be graduating in December of 2014!!
    Same here, and I am also the wife of a fireman. The joke at his department is that they are all married to either nurses or teachers...seems to pretty much be the case! Lol.Good luck!