Buy or Rent nursing texts?

  1. If all goes according to plan, I'll be starting Nursing School in the fall. Should I purchase my textbooks? Or is it more economical to rent them? I don't want to end up with dozens of books collecting dust if they truly won't be used again in my career.

    What did you do? What do you wish you had done? I look forward to hearing from y'all on this!
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  3. by   calivianya
    I'd say rent the specialty ones and keep the general ones. I kept my med-surg and pharmacology books but rented most everything else, and I don't regret any of those decisions. I do go back and look through med-surg and pharmacology because those texts are applicable almost everywhere, but I have never missed my peds, maternity, or psych books.
  4. by   RubberDuckieLove
    I always purchase mine used. When I read, I like to highlight and write in the margins. I also do the questions in the back of each chapter. But that's just the way that I learn
  5. by   CT Pixie
    Our book bundle includes books we need for the entire program so renting to me wasn't worth it. I buy all my books.
  6. by   AKreader
    Our school has pretty decent book buy-back rates, so I buy and return them.

    But the first college I went to had terrible buy-back rates; I always rented those ones.
  7. by   Julesmama28
    I buy used and sometimes older editions too- saves a ton of money! Classes like health assessment and fundamentals worked great with one edition older books.
  8. by   jaspersun
    I bought used books online and then sold the ones I didn't want to keep after the semester. Wasn't too bad...