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Bombed a test

  1. 0 I knew it was bound to happen.

    I've always been a straight A student until nursing school. Then, last semester I ended up with an 89, so my first B, for the nursing program.

    I really needed an A this semester or I'm going to lose my scholarship, and I just had the test from hell. I got a 77, which is only 16 points below what I was hoping for.

    In order to get my A now, I need something crazy like a 97 on the next test followed by a 94 on the final followed by a level 3 on the ATI. While yes, this is all doable, let's be realistic, it's probably not going to happen.

    Anyway, I'm just sad and needing a little bit of a shoulder to cry on. I will lose a full ride over this and am just bummed.
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    Without getting into too much detail, I was in a similar boat. However, I wasn't losing a scholarship..I was looking at failing the class (really long story on the reason I wasn't doing well, but it was not lack of understanding of the information or lack of studying). I needed some crazy grades in order to pass. I refused to resign myself to certain failure. I gave it my all and then some. I thought positive. Taking each test one at a time and only focusing on that test.

    Long story short, I was not only able to obtain the crazy high grade in order to pass on the tests, I exceeded them! I passed!

    Go into it with a positive attitude! I wish you the very GET OFF AN and get to studying

    You need to maintain ALL A's in order to keep your scholarship?
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    No, I have to maintain a certain GPA, since it's an Honors program scholarship. Since I got a B last semester, and a B in one previous class, my GPA is getting close to being below that level (3.75). If I had 9 credit hours of B, I will be below the line. I just redid the math again, I only need 95s on both tests. No problem. Trying to work out some quieter place in my house to study and reworking my schedule to allow 3 or so hours per day to devote to studying. I know I can do it if I put everything into it, just a little overwhelmed.

    Thanks for your words. I appreciate it.
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    Happy to hear you know it can be done.

    If you can't find a quieter place in your house to study, is there a friend who has no one in the house other than him/her? I tend to bolt over to my best friends house (kids grown and out of the house, she is single so no one in the house but her) to study if I need to. We do a dinner kind of thing...order out. Rule is I study for X amount of time, take a break..during that break we chit chat, catch up, laugh and joke..then after a set time, I go back to studying. Not only does this give me a quiet sane place to study but I also get to socialize with my friend. Many times she helps me study. If I can explain it to her in terms that makes her understand, I normally have to the concept down and can move on to another area.

    Or maybe there is a library close to you. A local park where you can sit in the sunshine and be alone. If worse comes to worse, there is always the car I hid out in my car in the garage for a time b/c the house was chaotic and we were snowed in b/c of the storm we had. I couldn't leave but I was able to escape

    I know it seems overwhemling, but you are obviously a good student who knows how to be successful in your classes. Take a deep breath, and as I said, try not to look at three tests that you need a grade of X, but as one test at a time.My needed grade kept dropping as I aced each test. Keep the faith...the fat lady hasn't sung yet
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    Find a quiet place to study! Personally, I cannot study at home, too many distractions. What I do quite often is go to a library at another school nearby. There is no one there that I know, so very unlikely that I will be disturbed. Shut off your phone, put some music on and dig for me.
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    Quote from Wildcats.Cabral
    Find a quiet place to study! Personally, I cannot study at home, too many distractions. What I do quite often is go to a library at another school nearby. There is no one there that I know, so very unlikely that I will be disturbed. Shut off your phone, put some music on and dig for me.
    Oh, I love the idea of going to a different library! I always see people I know at my school. I love my classmates, but sometimes I want/need to study alone to be productive.

    Rubato, if you could maintain an 89 average, I know you can get those 95s! Study., study, study!

    And if you don't make it, it stinks, but we all know keeping a 3.75gpa in nursing school is an insanely tall order, and the fact that you've gotten a year paid for already is amazing!
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    ear bud headphones with music and a set of ear protectors (the kind people wear when around noisy equipment or when shooting guns) make any place a quiet place... Well, at least bereft of any other distracting noises if you can study with music playing, I personally like playing classical music while studying.
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    Just wanted to update that I actually pulled out the A. It was a lot of studying and I even gave up my Mother's day, but I ended up with the exact score I needed to get the A! Couldn't be happier.
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    See! Going in positive only helps! So happy to hear you were able to maitain your A and your scholarship!!