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BIO202 professor advice needed

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    New to this site but wondering if someone might have some suggestions on where to take BIO202 and what professor is good. I am currently taking BIO202 at a Maricopa Community College but the professor teaching style is really difficult. Does anyone know of a good teacher also who preferrably uses study guides Please PM me if you do

    Thanks again!
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    Whatever you do don't take it at Rio!!! Sorry that's all I can advise.
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    And what exactly is BIO202? Not every school in the world uses the same numbering system, you know.
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    Biology Human Anatomy and Physiology II
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    I am in Arizona by the way
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    You'd probably have better luck posting this question under the Arizona forum.
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    If you are taking it at Rio Salado then there will be no study guide. Your weekly lessons that you print out are your study guide. They are intended for you to follow along with while you read the chapter. Usually the teacher will post a message to the entire class at the beginning of each week with a summary of what you should be learning that week, with some links to helpful sites. That's it. I have taken 4 classes from Rio Salado because my schedule hasn't permitted classroom attendance up until now. I didn't love it, but it worked out well for me with my schedule. If you want a study guide you might have to look elsewhere for your BIO class.