Best stethescope to hear better

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    I am an older student, well in my 40's and don't hear as well as I used to. Can everyone tell me which stethoscope they recommend that will help them hear better when using it. I currently have a acoustica MDF instrument stethoscope and can't hear anything through it.

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    As a fellow over 40 student, I have 3 different Littmann stethoscopes. The first one I bought well before nursing school to check the hubby's BP, the Littmann Select which is great for BP but not too much else. When I started nursing school, I purchased the Littmann Cardiology III. It should have been a great stethoscope but it had a defect and Littmann is currently repairing it. The one that I use every day in clinicals is the Littmann Master Classic II and I LOVE it! I am able to easily hear breathe and heart sounds.

    When I was having trouble with my Cardiology one, I went to a uniform store that also sold stethoscopes. They were great! I brought mine along to compare the sounds. The store let me try out just about every model and I used my husband as my patient to listen for sounds. The Littmann Master Cardiology is great but the sound difference was not worth the extra $100 compared to the Master Classic. Being able to compare the stethoscopes is key to finding one that is right for you. If you do not have a store near you, maybe a fellow student will let you try theirs. Also remember that there are different sized tips that can make them both more comfortable and be able to hear better.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thank you pearlharbormom. That really helped.
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    Sorry palm harbor mom I mean.
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    Common problem, and often modeled by actors who don't know any better in medical dramas. The eartips of your stethoscope must be pointed anteriorly, towards the tip of your nose, because that's the anatomy of your ear canals. If you point them backward (towards the pinna, which is a misleading landmark ) the holes in the tips will be up against the wall of the ear canal and BINGO! no sound at all. Try repositioning them-- the whole ear pieces rotate, not just the earbuds-- before you move to another model.
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    I have used Littmann for YEARS I love the brand.

    There are amplifying stethoscopes..

    they are expensive but might be worth it it you are really having trouble hearing.Littmannā„¢ 3100 Electronic Stethoscope
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    I have a 3100 and it works the charm. Only downsides are that I must remember to keep spare batteries and it doesn't have a small side for kiddos as does the Cardio III.

    Interestingly enough, I still use my Cardio III most of the time... it fits in pocket better.

    One small bit of coolness with the 3100... it will count your apical pulse for you so I use that time to count respirations.
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    I use the cardiology III. It's nice and loud, not too heavy, not crazy expensive. It's got a bell on it, which can be useful for bruits or murmurs (although, you can basically use the diaphragm in most cases).
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    Here are some things I have noticed:

    1) Especially in the ER, even many docs use el-cheapo stethoscopes...

    2) While it's 'fun' to hear some fine details, it's generally superfluous...

    Many of us, including me, are sporting much more stethoscope than we (or our patients) need.
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    I have trouble hearing also. I used a Littman lightweight - couldn't hear. Then a regular Littman SE and an ultrascope (pretty good) before settling on a Littman cardiology.

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