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Best places to learn for a new student?

  1. 0 Does anyone have suggestions on where in a hospital will give a new student the best opportunity to learn in their first year. If the options were cardio/pulmonary, medical, med/surg, ICU, OR what would you pick? Any help would be great.

  2. Poll: Where in the hospital do you get the most experience as a new nurse?

    • Med/surg

      80.00% 4
    • cardio/pulmonary

      20.00% 1
    • Medical

      40.00% 2
    • ICU

      40.00% 2
    • OR

      20.00% 1
    5 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    You'll get a lot of experience at any of these places, if you have the option of all, I would look into where your interests lie and what your long term goals are and go from there
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    When I was a student, we could work at our training hospital as students but was not expected to do anything beyond what we had been taught to that point. I was a float. I worked every unit and that was the best learning experience ever!
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    They are all places to learn. Remember the experience is what YOU make of it.Any floor can be a valuable experience.