Becoming a nurse: college questions

  1. Hello,
    I am 2 courses away from graduating with a BA in Sociology and Political Science from a 4 year college in MA. I have recently decided that I want to be a nurse and need some advice on how to proceed from here. Should I sign up for the two courses next semester and finish my degree and then pursue my nursing interests? Should I make the transfer to the nursing major now? If I stay on track with the BA what will my options be?

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   chelsbobels
    I actually had a friend that had received her BA in business from a university and just applied to a nursing program at a local community college and earned her associates! Now if you want to have your BA in nursing, I am not quite sure what would be your best bet!
  4. by   33762FL
    Finish your BA first since are so close! ABSN programs require that you have a BA in another field, plus some pre-reqs specific to nursing that you can take at your local community college. Even if you want to do an ADN program after your BA, you will be much more likely get accepted to the program (nursing programs in general are competitive!) and you will have a lot easier time transferring gen-ed credits to a nursing program if you completed your first degree rather than stopped in the middle.
  5. by   studentmom77
    Definately finish the program you're in you never know what life is gonna bring. Then there is a 2nd bachelors program at Umass Amherst, don't know if thats anywhere near you, I happen to live here in western ma minutes from the college, but there's probably similar options where you are anyway.
    Here's the umass link
  6. by   Southern Magnolia
    Even if you don't do an accelerated BSN program having your BA complete makes the path to your BSN smoother. I have a BA in english and am about to start a BSN program. Because I already have a BA all I have to take are nursing classes. My degree meets all the gen ed, diversity, and liberal arts requirements. I did have to have the normal prerequisites for nursing. You'll likely have many of these done.

    I would say you should take the two classes you need and any prerequisites you might be able to fit in.
  7. by   tostu
    I would finsh the since you are so close and then inquire about advanced options in nursing schools in your area. Good luck.
  8. by   pitaya
    DEFINITELY finish your degrees in poli sci and sociology! If you only have 2 courses left to take for those, you can also start taking pre-reqs for nursing school. Try to get into an accelerated BSN program.