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I already have a BA and am going back to school to get my ADN. Is it possible to go straight in to a master's program without getting my BSN? Thanks!:confused:... Read More

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    Quote from mmm333
    Congratulations. You are one of the very few people in line with NLNAC's previous recommendation that new nurses be MSN-prepared. Eventually the MSN will be the entry point for RNs, though it may be a while before that happens. It seems like that goal is for the time being crashing into the reality of a taxed healthcare system and the fact that MSN nurses are statistically just as safe and competent as Doctoral-prepared nurses.

    I'll add this link for the benefit of others who may not know about this trend:

    NLN: Recommendations on Preparing Nurses to Deliver Advanced Practice Nursing - Nursing for Nurses
    The NLN statement you linked to is only talking about not supporting the push to make the DNP the minimum preparation for advanced practice nursing (NP/CNS/CNM/CRNA), NOT that all RNs should be MSN-prepared. Shoot, the NLN, ANA, and other organizations haven't even been successful (in some 35 or so years of trying) in getting the BSN made the minimum for licensure.

    I'm not holding my breath about the MSN being made the minimum for (basic) licensure ...

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