ATI Testing for BSN Students

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    Hey everyone!

    Recently my school's contract with NLN expired, so they decided to go with the ATI route instead of renewing NLN. After a semester and a half of dealing with the ATI, I can definitely say that I don't find it helpful and I was wondering if anyone else wanted to share their thoughts on ATI. I find that their rationales don't help whatsoever and don't give details on why that is the correct answer. Some questions will just say "This is the correct answer." Has anyone found this helpful? Maybe I just need to get used to it.. Am I jumping to conclusions?

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    We use ATI in our BSN program, too. It was very hard to get used to because it is much harder than normal. I think the point of it is to set the bar high, so you have to work to reach it. I find that the ATI books actually give me more details than my textbook.

    Hang in will get better
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    Thanks, fteralynn3! I'm hoping that I can get used to it. I was spending hours and hours on one exam and still getting 70% correct. It was very frustrating for me considering how much time and effort I put into completing the exam. My professor won't let us get the correct answers and rationales until we reach at least 80% on the ATI exam. It's just frustrating for me I guess.
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    Oh wow! Do they give you the practice exam codes? If not, you can google them and there are a TON of practice codes and passwords on the internet. That's what I do. Our teacher usually gives us one practice code, but there are a lot of different tests. For example, right now I'm doing the ATI Leadership, so that's the test I google. It really helps because the practice tests give you the rationales. Hope that helps some.
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    Im taking my first ATI exam in March, but we aren't allowed to even take the exam until we get 90% on two practice exams. :/ Im very nervous though.
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    It's so weird that for such a "standardized" test, each school has such a different approach to ATI tests. My school, we got the big box of books first semester, then we purchase an access code each semester. We have two online practice tests available but not checked by anyone at the school. Near the end of each semester, we take the corresponding proctored test. We have to get at least a Level 1, or we're out of the program.
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    Oh ATI... how I despise thee.

    My school is pushing it big time. My issue is I find a lot of inconsistencies between what my textbook says & what ATI says, making things muddier when I am being tested.
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    My school has been using ATI for yrs, and our last 2 graduating classes have has 100% NCLEX passing rates. I'm 1.25 yrs into the program, and it took me a solid yr to understand and know their question/answer style. Now that I understand it, all of their tests are a breeze. Also, for us Lvl 1 is the lowest possible score (unless 0 exists?) and we have to have a minimum of 2, the highest possible is 3. Idk if your school has had an ATI representative come and speak yet, but he gave some really great info, and there are way more resources available that just the 2 practice test + 1 proctored rest per class.

    My entire class, including me, hated the heck out of this program too. At first. It's become a welcome addition though. Tough love, my best advice is to grit your teeth and take the "books" with a grain of salt. It's the question format that will save yo booty.
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    @covaryx how can I get an ATI rep to come to my school? That would be great if they did!

    @bunnysanford I wish we got all of our books at once like you did, we get one or two per semester, and they said this year was the first year they gave the nutrition ati book before the ati test so that we can use it to study. The class before us last year didn't get it until after they took the test.
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    If you already have access to ATI's website, you can download all if the ATI books in PDF format. I have them all on my iPad and my phone, so I can study anywhere.

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