ATI Pharmacology exam advice?

  1. Taking the ATI exam for pharm in five days and I'm almost sick over it! I AM reading the book, and going over class notes but it feels almost impossible to get this down. It's very overwhelming!! I've read a few of the posts on here and they say "read the book" (which I'm doing). Besides this, what was the test like for those of you who have taken it?
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  3. by   silverbells_star
    I thought doing the practice test over and over helped.
  4. by   melissa0
    Thanks. I will definitely do that. Did you pass on your first time? What percentage usually is the average of what you have to get to get a level two to pass?
  5. by   silverbells_star
    We only get one chance to take it, I got a Level 2, I don't know the percentage breakdowns.
  6. by   AKsummers
    Honestly...I didnt study for the fact I was completly unaware it was even over "pharmacology" there was drugs on the exam that we had not studied in our pharm class just go slow, take your time, and think critically. I got a level 3. GOOD LUCK!!
  7. by   melissa0
    Good to know, thank you! It's tomorrow and I'm hoping I pass the first time around - first practice test I did well, second one not so well! So I'm just studying like crazy now!!
  8. by   Nissan350z
    good luck melissa!
  9. by   ErinRN2B
    If you have the codes, definitely take the time to take the ATI practice pharmacology test on their website a couple of times. Depending on how you do, the review sheet will tell you which subjects and drug classes you did poorly on and then you can go back in the book and review those sections or drugs specifically. That's the only thing I did to review for my ATI pharm exam this semester, and I got a level 3.
  10. by   melissa0
    Thanks guys! I did do two of the practice tests, and seemed help out but not that much. I felt like the test was still a COMPLETE guessing game although I have studied very hard all semester. Scored a passing Level 2 and was perfectly fine with that - just THRILLED I don't have to come back over winter break for the re-take! Out of 29 of us only 4 didn't pass, so over all it wasn't too bad.