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    Just wondering if anyone out there has taken the ATI (RN Edition) Maternal Newborn Nursing proctored exam??? For some reason many of us, who happen to be passing our nursing classes with B's, have struggled with previous ATI test (Fundamentals and Psych). It is a pass or fail test for us in our program, we have 2 opportunities to reach level 2. The majority who pass, pass by like 1 or 2 questions. The practice tests seem to be completly diffrent information than on the test and the sample questions in the book are way easier than the most random questions ATI places on their test. So I was wondering a couple of questions: 1. How is the Maternal Newborn Test 2. Do our instructors really not know the questions that are going to be on the test (They say they have no idea even the topics) 3. Last semester our second tests were the exact same test, should it be assumed that all future second exam will probably be the same? Thanks anyone who can help!

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    The test is tough. I was extremely frustrated with the content difference between ATI and class lecture. I do watch the dvd's, which helps somewhat, but I have little time to read through the book. I don't believe our instructors even looked at the ATI books nor exam, so the answer is "yes, they really don't know". In regards to exam content being the same, well...some of my classmates had the same exam and some didn't!

    This was the first ATI exam that I didn't pass on the first time through-in fact, no one in my class passed the first time. Unfortunately, starting next semester we will no longer be given a second opportunity to pass. I did manage to pass the Peds portion by starting the video portion EARLY and apply the video to the current subject in our lecture portion. There were still glaring differences in content, but the isntructor is always right (at least she is if you want to pass
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    1. I thought the test was easy, but then again I want to go into Ob. I ended up in the 97th percentile and have never gotten anything less than a level 2 on any of the exams so far; I study the book, do the practice exams, and watch the DVDs that come with and take notes. Ours is pass or fail too, which sure puts a lot of anxiety over the exams!

    2. no the instructors have no idea what questions are going to be asked on the exams

    3. I have never retaken a test before, so I do not know...but if you are in hopes that the second test will be exactly the same you should study some more; the point is to see how NCLEX passable you are, not if you can memorize all the answers. Try having a positive attitude that you will pass it.
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    No, I am by far not relying on the fact that the second test may be the same. With so much pressure put on these tests that is the only thing that seems to somewhat be a little bit of encouragement. Yes, last semester I did well in Psych (most of my class failed) and Fundamentals I missed it by a question and passed the retake. However, there were no videos that we could watch last semester. This semester there are videos for OB but may I please say that the lady talks remarkably fast it is hard to even comprehend what she says! Anyway, just wondering input into how this test was hard, easy, comparable to Fundamentals, Psych etc. Just good to hear from people in the same boat, ya know
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    You know, you are probably correct. I don't want OB, but I did love my Peds. rotation. Those in love with OB did better than I did on ATI.
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    It's funny you should ask this- because that OB ATI test really stumped me- not because it was hard- I actually aced ATI- but I BOMBED the teachers test -and the girl in my class who got a 100% on the test in class did not even pass the OB ATI. How is that possible?

    100% on class exam = fail ATI

    Aced ATI (I think it was level 3 proficiency) and only a D on class exam? What's up with that?
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    Yeah the ATI tests are really random and it is ironic that a lot of us the failed the Fundamentals one were making A's in the class and a lot of people failing the class passed. The psych ATI was one of the most difficult ones I have taken. I dont know I am struggling to brush up on as much as I can for this OB ATI, just sucks that we have only been in the class like 5 or 6 weeks at the most...I dont know how we are expected to know all that stuff in these books in such short time period. I will post how I do on the test on Wed. so we will see
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    Okay, so took the OB ATI test yesterday. Thank goodness that is over with....made a Level 2 (a B to be exact). The majority of my class passed the test. It was a lot of critical thinking and knowing what they were looking for like okay this can cause dehydration so more than likely the answer refers to increasing fluid intake. Anyway there were a couple of questions that were on there that were very tricky...but overall I guess it wasnt that bad. However, I know the ATI levels are based on national averages but does everyone in the nation take the same tests? Because listening to what other people say it seems some of the ATI's are more difficult even though it is the same subject....I didnt know if administrators get to pick out the difficulty level or topics, etc.......Anyone know???
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    That's great you did so well! We are taking ours next week...any pointers, things to focus on...?
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    Sorry I just sorry your post above and you might have already taken the test. However, pointers on the Ati tests are so hard to give because everyones tests are diffrent.For me, every time I took these tests it was never information that I had studied out of the ATI book (the information was there but it was something I glimpsed over). In addition, I dont know if the OB test was truelly easier or my class and I had much improved our critical thinking ( i know these two words are overused, ha). Many of our ATI tests never were as detailed as we studied. But they always pulled out the smallest little things. For me it helped to learn the parts that were the nurses roll. Diagnosis, etc is more of a doctors roll; chest x ray findings indictive of certain diseases, tumor, etc. is not as important as what you should do for this person, care, etc. Medications were never really a large portion so I spent little time with this as there is so many. ATI follows the NCLEX blueprint. There is one site that has a whole NCLEX book available for you to view online and print out anything off of it you need. I will post that website address when I retrieve it from my other computer. Hope this helps, sorry so long winded

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