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I am a nursing student in school, that's just ready to get out ! I'm going to school for an Associates Degree in Nursing, but everyone is telling me that I should stick it out and go for the... Read More

  1. by   Back2PsychRN
    Well I chose to get my ADN so I could start working earlier and hopefully find a great organization I could start working for and most hospitals help pay for college so they would help pay for my BSN. I just started 2 weeks ago at a mental health hospital, after putting in dozens of applications at every hospital around and even skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, etc. And the behavioral med was the only ones to even call me for an interview. During orientation, I was the only one with my ADN, and one of the administrators even stated they don't try not to hire ADN with no experience unless they have no BSN choices. But to answer your question, I do not believe there is much of a difference here in Florida. I believe I will get a .50 raise when I finish my bachelors.
  2. by   classicdame
    got my BSN after years of working as ADN. Automatic $1/hr pay increase, which meant that in just a short time I had "paid" for my degree. Later got MSN to change duties. I learned in every level. But to answer your question, at least keep BSN in mind as current national goals include that 80% of RN's will be BSN educated. Writing is on the wall. Do not limit yourself.
  3. by   francoml
    Don't stress so much about going to an ADN program!!! I am about to graduate from an awesome ADN program and I already have a job lined up in the ER! It's all about networking and impressing people in clinical. 3 of my 4 professors started nursing at my community college and now one is a nurse practitioner one is a DNP and the other has her MSN! It's all about internal drive! You can do what ever you want in life if you just go for it!!!
  4. by   BlueEyedGuy
    It really depends on your local job market.

    Apply for the BSN (flexibility), and if get a job out of school, then drop it or go part-time on the BSN; or drop it an find a more convenient online BSN if you still want to finish it.