Are you working while going to nursing school? Are you working while going to nursing school? | allnurses

Are you working while going to nursing school?

  1. 0 I am currently working 8-5 days and are looking to start nursing school on a 9-5 schedule.Being a current nursing student are you able to work (part-time/full-time) and go to school or would you reccomend just taking a loan and concentrating on school and not working while you study?

    Are you working/not working while being in nursing school and how is it going for you?

    Thank you all for your advice.
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    Is your program a standard program or an accelerated program?
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    Its a 90 weeks program to get an ADN
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    Well if you have children, then I would say working would be extremely difficult. If you do not have kids then I would say that working would be okay. Either way it will be difficult, but not impossible. I personally don't work, but have a one year old. Many girls in my class work and have children, and are still there, although they have barely any time to study (in their own words, which I believe). Its all about time management.
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    Thank you kidensmom!i think i ll work on weekends and study on weekdays
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    Wow! I was wondering this same question!

    I just finished my first semester of my BSN program. I had 4 classes (2 online & 2 in person, plus one full day of clinicals). I also worked 24 hours per week, which were broken up into three 8 hour days. I have no kids.

    With some serious time management skills, I was able to pull off straight A's for the first time ever! For most, it IS possible to work and attend nursing school. But, you'll be working your booty off trying to manage multiple schedules, making the most of your scant study time, getting use to less sleep, and having no social life. I did all of the above. I also have a boyfriend who doesn't mind making me dinner. :heartbeat

    I have also talked to other students who are further along in the program, asking them the same question. I have received all sorts of opinions across the board and all of them seem valid.

    Here's my personal opinion...I was laid-off from my job about 1 week before finals. I was sad to lose my job of 2 years (plus they were supportive of my educational goals), but after an exhausting semester, this gave me plenty of time to prepare for the exams. I was in such a better state of mind and felt significantly less stressed. My final exams went great and those were my highest exam scores of the semester. Of course, this might be partially because the content was review, but nonetheless I had time to study without anything else taking priority. I am currently looking for a job, but if I don't get a position that's no more than 20 hours/week and compatible with my ever-changing school schedule, I won't mind just focusing on school.

    So, it's pretty much up to you! Figure out what you're willing to do (or not do) while you're in nursing school. To me, it's an enormous opportunity and worth doing what it takes to be successful in the program and passing that NCLEX! I owe it to my future patients!

    Hope that helps you out a little bit!
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    I worked part time through the whole nursing program. I don't have kids which makes it 100 times easier I'm sure. I was able to study a little bit while at work so this also helped. A lot of people in my program worked part time with kids and a few even worked full time. I have no clue how they did it but they did. It is possible!
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    Thank you all for wonderful advice,I too have no kids and I dont really want to work while in school,just concerned about how I would be able to pay my rent and other bills,because I never had to not work in my life before.Also concerend about how much I might have to take in loans,if I dont work to support myself.

    What job do you think I should look for in order to work in the entry level medical field and to be able to work 20 hours a week (not full time)?
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    i am a LPN i work 20 hours a week....fir/sat 2-10 and a 4 hr during the week....i havent started the RN program yet but have taken all my pre-req AND co-reqs while As in all my classes....seemed like all i did was work or study....and make time for family....and their various sports.....hope i can pull it off with more of a rigid schedule than i had...i only took one class at a i am part time in the fall......i am also going on 50 and have grandkids...AHHHHHHHHHH...what am i thinking!!
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    I worked as a secretary at a hospital while going through nursing school. You can also look into being a CNA or nurse tech at a hospital.
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    I'm working casual jobs now, one of them is as a PCT on a very busy medsurg floor. I learn as much there as I learn in class, if not a little more! My other job is as a lifeguard at an indoor pool, and I can easily study there. I've learned from experience that I can't work more than 20 hours a week and still do well in school.
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    I have 4 children,and am in an ADN program. I quit my job as a child protection investigator to go back to school. We have loans and survive on that and my hubby's income. Im hoping to get a nurse tech job this summer/fall though.
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    Katie wishing you all the strength and patience,if you could go through ADN program with 4 kids,i could probably go through it too (no kids for me yet).were you able to get enough loans to pay for school and live on?