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Hi i'm new to this forum... "new kid on the block". And thanks to the people for replying me.. hehe i feel special. Well I was going to reply to the post for the forum on first year students and... Read More

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    Ok, I do need to vent. Why must gremilins take over the facility just when I think things are going good.

    You see . . . the gremilins get all my patients with their confusion rays so some think that they can get up and walk, and on my way out for a break, I find residents who have just fallen or I cantch them falling, so then I spend my "break" doing incodent reports and risk events about it. then the gremilins return and slip them laxitive and poo poo everywhere right before my lunch (mmmm appetizing) I wish those ****ING gremalins wound go away, what business do little evil invisable people have in a long term care center NONE!!! Then they go and fart up the machines like the hoyer lift and the vitals machine. Do you have those little **** head gremilins in your work place . . . I'll sell you some CHEAP!

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    grimalins!!!! grimalins!!!!!

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