Anyone made it through Nsg school WITHOUT caffeine , Adderall, or Red Bull?? - page 9

just curious... i think i am one of the few (if not the only) student in my class who isn't dependent on getting their "necessary" coffee to be awake or to help jump start their morning, whether it... Read More

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    Studying for an Oncology final right now... On allnurses, facebook, AND... I have a coke on my bedside table. The boyfriend is doing a Tim Hortons run for me later tonight lol
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    Quote from triquee
    No, but I'm finishing up my first year without ever using a writing utensil. I write all my care plans using finger paints.

    Yay me!!


    Personally, I've completed my nursing program using writing utensils...but only pens, no pencils for me. Wooo Hoooo!

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    People use them as nurses, too. I can't have caffeine at all (but I'll cheat and have tea when I'm off). There are people on my unit that work crazy shifts including very far driving and have a lot of kids so I don't know how they do it without insane amounts of SOMETHING. Someone left a pencil box at the desk and I was looking through it to see whose it was and it had Adderall in it along w/ caffeine pills and an assortment of other stuff. Interesting. Me, I just drag butt and try to sleep as much as possible between shifts.
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    Quote from Moogie
    I'm going hardcore chocolate right now. Chocolate chips straight out of the bag.
    The best day of my life was the day that dark chocolate officially became a health food!!!
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    The best day of my life was the day that dark chocolate officially became a health food!!!
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    I never pulled all nighters until I got to nursing school! Red bull gives me wings! lol

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