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OK, so right now I have an 86% in foundations and an 87% in assessment, but my clinical class and patho are kicking my rear. I can't imagine two years of this. I miss my husband, my cat, my sleep,... Read More

  1. by   adventure_rn
    It sounds to me like you need fewer classes, not easier classes. Could you talk with your academic advisors about slowing down your curriculum track?

    Also, talk with your professors about your study habits and test taking skills. NCLEX-style questions are incredibly challenging, and answering them is a learned skill. There's a steep learning curve, but once you get a hang of it the entire program becomes much easier.
  2. by   adubs923
    If you're doing ADN because it's easier, it's not, just shorter. You may only have 9 credit hours but you still have clinical rotations. If your reason for switching is the clinical time, I'm with you. I'm starting a diploma program this fall that has a 3:1 clinical:lecture ratio and I chose this program because at my advanced age, the best way for me to learn is through hands on experience, something I've seen some BSN students complain of having a lack of. Whatever program you're in, you need to commit to the hours needed to be successful. Will your husband not support you when you're in a bridge program while you're working AND going to school? It doesn't get any easier, especially if you don't feel like you have the support of your family.

    Good luck to you in whatever program you choose!
  3. by   Username invalid
    Everyone has been really helpful! Thank you!

    I'm staying put in the program until the end of the semester and I definitely won't switch to the ADN program. I talked to every one of my teachers and each one understands, though two were puzzled and told me I was doing great (can you guess which classes? Haha).

    I am still debating on taking an extra semester out of sequence so I can slow down the pace. I might just be in shock.

    I don't have any intention of being lazy or going for "easy," just slower. Thank goodness for spring break so I can review past content & work ahead without the same tensions.
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