Any nursing and hospital lingo and organization book recommendations?

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    Hi there,
    I start nursing school in August. I have purchased the Saunders Comprehensive Review - thanks for the recommendation! However, I find that people throw around a lot of lingo and abbreviations that I don't know and wondered if anyone had a book recommendation that might describe who does what in a hospital, how they are organized, and common terms that I should start to get to know.

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    Do you have an iPhone? Possibly an iPad or iPod Touch?
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    My medical terminolgy course really helped me with that. Plus working as a scheduling coordinator for the CNAs and an admin asst in a home health agency where I had to type up care plans. That stuff sticks with you once you memorize it.
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    "A Short Course in Medical Terminology" by C. Edward Collins and Ann DePetris. It does a very good job of teaching the medical terms. In addition they give you access to their website and provide additional resources to help you learn.
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    No. Thanks though.
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    Great. I'll get this too. I work in healthcare (research related), I just don't interact with hospital people or patients. I know lab terminology, how to do tons of lab tests, their meaning, when they'd be ordered, and what a normal result looks like. Somebody said OT and PT the other day and I had to look up what that was. I've had to look up what NICU, MICU, and SICU are, for instance. All the location related abbreviations - ugh. I hope this helps me understand what happens where.

    Thank you!

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