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new to this site, but have always loved reading replies and questions from people who have been in situations as me. Its 2013 when it hit midnight first thought was, wow this is my year, no more next... Read More

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    Quote from SoonToBeRN2013
    I graduate in August 2013 and am starting to get sick in the stomach lol! I'm a nervous wreck!
    Me too, im in class til march, then im on internship for 12 weeks to finish, then june july is last bits of university then august im freeeeee omg its stressful though. in one class they are preparing us for interviews. Its all too real, im excited to finally finish,been in health care like nearly 10 years, starting cna (hca)- student nurse and now im miss nearly qualified RGN! Is anyone going straight into work or is anyonelse thinking about doing another short course, id love to find a cosmetic/plastic surgery job, im in england and they arent so available as over there. no more ugly university uniforms,what interns did everyone have,i loved working in theatre.

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    Quote from prenurse1848
    OMG 2013 is my year as well. I have two semesters to go and every time I think about it I get goose bumps. This has been a long road but I couldn't imagine my life any different than it is. I worry about applying for a job. I don’t know where to start but when the timeis right I will figure it out. I wish all of the class of 2013 the best. Go Use.
    2013 is the year, 2012 must have been the most stressful, so glad im done with all exams and now im just stuck with essays. i understand what your saying about what to apply for. im hearing its best to start now? but in application will they even read it when they see student or nearly registerd?
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    I graduate in May 2013 also!! I start this final semester next Thursday the 17th of Jan. It has been a short break but I am ready to go back and get this last semester over. Nursing school has probably been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I started late in life, I was 25 when I started. But I had went into the US Navy first, that had been my dream! And I did love every bit of it but I missed home too. After my 4 years in, I came back home and helped take care of my granny when she got sick and that is when I decided nursing. So I went back thinking, yeah i'm the oldest person ever going back to school to find out that I wasn't Nursing has been a heck of an experience. I also work as an intern and love what I do now so I can't wait to start working as an RN soon. Congrats to you all graduating soon and to those who have a while, it will fly by!
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    Hi, and congrats on making it thus far...the road to being a nurse is definitely a bumpy one!! I am also going into my last semester of nursing school, we graduate in May. Ive heard the last semester is the toughest, but we got this if we can go through the previous semesters we'll get through this one!! Good Luck =D
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    I graduate in May and could NOT be more excited about that. I remember starting in August of 2011 and thinking "wow, 21 months feels so far away". Then last year this time it was "16 months is going to take forever". Now it's "ONLY 4 months to graduate and 5/6 months to taking the NCLEX - woo hoo!!" We've worked hard for this and it's absolutely going to be a relief when this part is over. Then all the real stress of treating patients can begin. ;-)
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    Yes I graduate in MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited.. but the job situation here in massachusetts in unbelievable, might have to pick up and leave with my son. Vermont or NH.. RI?? We'll see i guess!
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    its so exciting,so i have 1 class presentation to go,done 2 out of 3 assignments woohoo, told myself for my last year i wont be last minute. im from england,UK, i love this site because you hear from other nurses and nursing students and their experience. so here in order to finish successfully with have a huge essay to go with an oral exam,yes means they will be questioning me on anything and everything, im so not good in them situations. before finishing what else does eveyone have to do. come on june,i really need to finish and i deserve a vacation the day after i finish lool, cant wait, but very tired and stressed,its 2am and im still awake
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    I officially finished today.. woohoo, here I come GA state boards!
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    Have 1 more semester that im taking starting on the 20th & I'll be finished with my LPN program! Then on to the ga boards, work work work & work! Retake my a&p & take biology & apply for fall 2014 lpn-bsn school!
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