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new to this site, but have always loved reading replies and questions from people who have been in situations as me. Its 2013 when it hit midnight first thought was, wow this is my year, no more next year, in 6 months all the... Read More

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    I graduate in August 2013 and am starting to get sick in the stomach lol! I'm a nervous wreck!

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    Quote from gatoraimsLPN

    Same here! 10 weeks of classes and then onto my preceptorship and then graduation! I cannot wait.

    Congrats all!!!
    Me too!!! Graduate May 18th!
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    I grad in May and super excited! Ready to finish up!
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    I graduate with my BSN in December. It's been an exciting journey being a nursing student, aide, and father of twins.
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    Graduating at the end of May which is also my birthday!!! Best present to myself ever! It's been a long journey, but also fast at the same time. Very rewarding. Already had so many memorable patients and experiences. I'm anxious about finding and getting a job (live in california) but I can't wait to finally be a nurse!
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    OMG 2013 is my year as well. I have two semesters to go and every time I think about it I get goose bumps. This has been a long road but I couldn't imagine my life any different than it is. I worry about applying for a job. I don’t know where to start but when the timeis right I will figure it out. I wish all of the class of 2013 the best. Go Use.
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    In class now, back today, it was so hard,I was ying my. Break. I can't wait til june. So sorry for replying late,I'm waiting for lunch break to readyour posts.Its so nice having others in same situation,What field is everyone doing and what do they want to do after they graduate. And where is everyone from. Xxxxx
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    This is my year too!!! My husband has a count down going. 22 weeks left till I graduate! I can't wait till June. Every time I think about graduation I remember boards. Boards have me more nervous than nursing school.
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    WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! I graduate in May also and have been dreading starting school back the 14th but when that day rolls around, so soon, I will have 16 weeks left!! Good luck everyone!
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    i recieved details of aesthetic courses today, i will do the courses so i can remain in clinics and later further my career, how about you, what area are you looking to apply to

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