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As the another nursing school semester comes to an end, some of us are bearing witness to those peers of ours who may not be moving on in the program, or will have to repeat the semester. As this saddens me to witness... I... Read More

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    Hehe. This post screams of "gloating". I was just talking to my boyfriend about gloating yesterday. I do have a tendency to revel in other's failures when I succeed at something (e.g., getting into a competitive nursing school program) and they don't. It probably stems from my insecurities. I was actually asking my boyfriend about how to avoid gloating, and we determined that the best solution is empathy. Have you ever failed at something before? You know how it can happen. Empathizing rather than feeling good about being superior to another is the healthiest way to go.

    Edit: I do hear you though on people not taking responsibility for their lack of effort. That's frustrating and unfortunate for them that they deny the connection between the lack of effort and the outcomes they experience.
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