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I'm in nursing fundamentals. I have a 70% test average with two tests to go. If my math is correct I have to get a 85% on the next two tests. I'm pretty sure I won't do that. its 80/20 with a 20%... Read More

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    Quote from truckinusa
    We have a Bachelors degree level fundamentals book called Kozier and Erb's. Its ridiculously over complicated. I just read the book and try to answer the questions at the end of each chapter. All lectures are available on video online and I rewatched them. THought it helped, but it didn't.
    We have Kozier and Erb's, too. There is an online resource that is pretty helpful. Does your teacher have Power Points or anything? I find that there's so much information in the chapters that it really helps to narrow it down. There are very smart people in my class who read and outline that book 24/7 and are barely pulling C's. I skim, and really go in depth with topics covered in lecture/PPs and the principles in the online resource and the lowest exam grade I've gotten is a 92. Really figure out how to focus your studies. Every prof is different, so I can't tell you how to do that exactly in your situation - but if you learn concepts rather than blind memorization like you are probably used to for pre-reqs, you can generally figure out the questions you don't know by either thinking through them and pulling the important info or by process of elimination.

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    Ask your instructor if you are failing and what you would need to do to pass. They know their grading scale and curriculum better than we do.

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