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In my current situation, I am a nursing student who failed "common concepts" last semester. I am currently taking "common concepts" but I am currently failing. My class is only pass/fail based on... Read More

  1. by   BolBol
    "I spent my weekend studying for exam 3 only to see a 54 as a result."

    You only spent a weekend studying for exam 3??? You should be studying the material before lecture so that during lecture it is reinforced in your head. You should be studying as you go so that before the exam you only have to review. You should NOT be studying everything 2-3 days before the exam. Bad strategy.
  2. by   dbella24
    Nursing school is hard. It's hard for a reason and some people won't make it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of listing excuses about why it's difficult start thinking of new ways to study the material and implement those methods. Yes a three hour lecture class is long but as a nursing student you should have more than enough practice at studying for at least three hours at a time to train your brain how to stay focused & retain the information.

    You are planning to enter a profession where people's lives are literally in your hands daily. It should be expected to work your tail off have the knowledge to be able to do this. We've all been there to know how difficult it is & all the frustrations of testing, time, etc. Try working a full time job & raising babies during nursing school like myself and so any others have done.

    Rise to the occasion - prove to yourself that you are able & willing to do this. Nursing school doesn't last forever but when graduation comes you will feel so much better about yourself and your accomplishments knowing how hard you have had to work for it and it will make you a much better nurse in the long run.

    I believe you can do it if you shift your thinking, but if its not working out for you - there's no shame in admitting that you tried something about didn't workout as long as you can say you gave it your best shot. There are many other careers out there and a ton of people who ended up in jobs they hadn't initially set out for.
  3. by   Skips
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    I couldn't believe it either!
    Me neither.
  4. by   Labrynth
    Nursing school is not unlike hostile brainwashing. It takes a ton of work for the teachers to break your spirit and make you feel defeated for them to start building you back up. It is necessary to break the chain of basic memorization/teaching for tests learned in precollege education. You need to figure it out. You may know the material but possible overthinking/overcomplicating the tests. You work with the information given in the questions and nothing more. Cover the answers and try to come up with an answer on your own (don't waste to much time if your truly have no idea). Ask yourself what makes an answer wrong when you dont know what is right. for example if it asks which lab value is outside normal range and you only know 2 of the 4 you have at least given yourself a 50/50 chance. Find different study partners. It takes a gentle blend of egos to make a group work and each person must be able to contribute to the group with either knowledge, leadership or style. Keep study groups to 4 or less people and build in breaks. Common concepts could be anything in nursing. If you could be more specific I could offer some guidance for study tips.