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I'm a second year nursing student, and am currently in my med surg rotation at clinicals. The hospital I'm in now is much more exciting and learning oriented than the previous hospital I had been in. That being said, I'm seeing a... Read More

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    Haha! Don't feel bad! In nursing school I worked part time as an EMT and a CNA and thought I could handle anything! Then, at my L&D clinical one night, I got SPLASHED from head to toe with amniotic fluid. I mean soaked. It was in my hair.

    I was like a cut-down tree.....I teetered and wobbled then TIMMMMBER I went down like a sack of potatoes. Fainted dead away. The team lead nurse and an aide had to drag me out and prop me up in a chair until I came around. Talk about embarrassing! Everyone had a good laugh. It's common and don't even think you're alone!
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    I'm in my last semester of NS and till now I've had no issues, blood, poop, mucus, amniotic fluid you name it I've handled it...then last week we rolled a patient that had a bowel/bladder fistula and since she had a foley catheter, purulent urine came flowing out of her rectum....aaaannnnddd she had a stage 4 necrotic sacral wound - the smell was really putrid and I think I held my breath too long and had self induced hypoxia! LOL...but anyway I had to go in the break room, sit and have a glass of water...

    note to self, never inhale deeply while rolling a patient when you don't know what's underneath!
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    Certain smells get to me. Especially sour smells. When I was a tech we did dressing changes. I was precepting a new tech and I had just taken off a g-tube dressing on a new patient. I pressed the call button right before I took the dressing off to have the nurse come in and take a look before I cleaned the room. The smell was unbearable! I stumble back and stood there. The nurse comes in the room and saw me get extremely pale and I had a blank look on my face. She runs over to me and asks if I was ok and boom I go down. She and the new pct help me to the chair. And I would not wake up! Called a rapid response and I woke up in the ER with a bunch of things hooked up to me.

    I have several near fainting episodes. Again usually if it is something I smell.

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    It goes without saying that the 3h sleep didn't help.

    I still pull a night like that but I definitely notice the difference in my ability to handle the day.

    When I was in clinicals, my instructor nearly sent me home when I told him I came in on that little sleep. I didn't think how serious that was until he reacted that way.
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    Twinmom, that sounds like the holy grail of grossness!
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    I am most definitely NOT a fainter, and I have a story where I almost did too!! If I am doing a procedure I am fine, but it seems watching a procedure can make me faint, well it did twice!
    First venesection I saw as I was learning how to do it, I felt nausea come across me and then sweaty then my mind started to go, luckily I was sitting on a chair already.
    Second time I was watching a surgery (breaking strands inside the uterus from chlamydia in Vanuatu or something similar and strange) and the sounds and skin parting as he was making an incision across her abdomen... I felt it all again and my first thought was "omg I'm going to be SICK inside a STERILE ROOM into a MASK" and I was out of there, and sat on some stairs until I felt better!
    I think focusing on the technique instead of focusing on what is making you feel ill is the key. Although the smell of a cholestomy bag will always get me...
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    I almost passed out twice while I was in nursing school. The first time was while I was observing at an oncology clinic. I was watching a bone marrow aspiration and I started to feel hot. When I started getting tunnel vision I had to ask for a chair because I knew if I didn't sit down I was going to end up on the floor. Then during my L&D clinicals the same thing happened again while I was watching a baby get circumcised. It can be hard to predict what's going to hit you that way. During the same L&D clinicals I observed a c section and I worried that I would get faint watching that too but ended up having no problem with the c section.

    That nurse who was giving you a hard time is just a jerk. I bet that there's something in nursing that would bother him too. That's rotten that he kicked you while you were down instead of reassuring you. Good for you for asking him to let you watch the same procedure again. He was trying to upset you and you showed him that you're stronger than that :-)
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    I've been an OB nurse for 7 years, and this thread reminded me of when I was doing my preceptorship as a student, and one of the OBs had me deliver the placenta. I nearly passed out, and my preceptor saw my lack of color and led me over to a chair and had me put my head between my knees. My husband, also a nurse, recalled something similar that happened to him while in school (he was in the OR watching a cesarean delivery).

    When you're not used to seeing stuff like that, the vagal response does weird things. Don't worry, it hasn't happened to me since, and now it's just part of the job. You'll be fine.
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    I get dizzy and want to vomit when I see mucus. I could never do resp. Was suctioning this man the other day.... Almost lost my cookies.

    "No day but today"
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    Before nursing school, I was a pre-vet student that went the animal health technologist route. During my first hematology lab, we had to do blood smears. Blood always made me feel a little iffy, but that day, when I got out my tube of blood and started to make my smear...I almost passed out. I got cold, clammy, felt like I was going to throw-up. I had to leave the room, get a cold drink of water, and lean against the wall. Now? I am the queen of gory IVs. I always leave a towel down when I start an IV because I have not yet mastered the art of starting an IV without making a mess. Doesn't bother me at all. Well, it bothers me in that I don't want my pts to think I'm incompetent because I get blood all over the place, but I usually get my IVs on the first stick, and that matters more to me than being neat and tidy for now. Long story short, I got over my issues with blood pretty quickly, because I had to, there was no choice in the matter as far as I was concerned. You'll get over this

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