Adult Med/Surg ATI test -- advice? Did you pass?

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    Hi! I'm preparing to take my ATIs for adult med surg and mental health. Not so much worried about mental health but VERY concerned with adult med surg. Any advice? I've taken one practice test so far (without studying much at all) and got 61.1%. Sometimes the practice tests are much harder than the actual test. We have to get a level 2 to pass the course. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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    I have no experience with the mh test, but I took the m/s ATI cold about a month ago and easy hit level 2. I'm a B student, nothing special. There were some CRAZY questions on that test though. I don't know if I'd have done any better if I had studied to be honest. GL
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    It is a difficult test for many people. Review Maslow's, prioritization, med-math calculations, conversions and normal lab values. Many questions can be answered correctly using Maslow's, prioritization and normal lab value knowledge even if you don't necessarily know everything else about the question. Be sure you read the question and all four answers thoroughly. It is easy to get fatigued and click on answers without fully reading the question or all of the answers. Remember more than one answer can be correct, so use prioritization (ie: stopping an infusion before calling the doctor. Putting on oxygen before calling a code.).

    Good luck!
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    I just took this test last week. I was very nervous just like you. In our program we have to make a level 2 also and I ended up making a level 3! I was shocked. I studied the books they gave us, lab values, prioritization questions and just went with my "nursing judgement" to answer the rest and that seemed to help. I always get really stressed out with the ATI's because they determine whether we will pass the class or not, but after I study I always do really well. So, study as much as you can and go in with confidence in your knowledge and you should do fine.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the responses! I have two and half more days of studying before adult med surg ATI. We have to get a level 2 as well. Did you find that the practice tests were just as hard as the test? I've taken two and got 61.1% without studying and just a 64.1% after studying for two days (different tests and questions). Super worried!! Also, do you remember what the national average was? And was it 60 or 90 questions?
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    The practice tests were very similar to the real test. We also had focused assessments for each system in the body so those helped too. Make sure you read all rationales because even if the exact question isn't on the test you could use that knowledge to choose the correct answer on the test. The national average was a 63.3% and there were 95 questions on the test and you have 95 minutes to take it. I think as long as you read and take the practice tests you should do fine. I hope this helps. Make sure to let us know how you did.
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    Took the mental health ATI today and got a level 3 85% - very happy with that! Tomorrow is the adult med surg ATI and I'm stressing and still trying to make it through the almost 1300 page book. Hoping the practice tests help!! I will let you know how I do tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
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    I take my first ATI med/surg test next friday (first semester, WOOT!!) I'm hitting the same scores as you... 64% and 61%, so now I'm very interested in how you end up doing Best of luck, and let us know how you do!

    I'm finding studying for the test very difficult, because the practice tests they have are asking about stuff that we have not covered at all (pharmacology), or about things which we didn't cover we we had classes on them (ATI endocrine practice test killed me) I'm not sure how to study material I've never seen before. When we discussed it in class today, no one has yet hit a 70 on the practice tests.

    I have an A in class right now (commons) and don't want to lose it to ATI. (I got an 89.7 in fundamentals, and want my A this time!!)
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    So you all are taking the test without having taken or currently in Pharmacology? That's insane if so because there were quite a few questions that had to do with drugs. Just continue to do the practice tests and study the book and you should be fine.

    OP I hope you did well on your test today. Let us know.
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    @SN - I took Pharmacology a year ago -- so yes, med surg ATI was difficult for me today!!

    THANK GOD I passed! There were 95 questions, 95 minutes and the national average was 61.4%. I guessed on probably more than 50% of them, and received a 66.4% which is a level 2. There were about 10+ med questions, TB questions, cushing's disease, one calculation question (an easy one), osteoarthritis questions, traction questions and obviously lots more! I'm not sure how much the practiced tests helped - a little, of course. There was two questions that were similar to the practice questions.... I would recommend starting EARLY studying - I started about 7 days prior to the test and wasn't enough. Just thrilled I passed, both ATIs. Thanks guys for all the input!
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