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I just got accepted into an ADN two-year program at my local CC to begin in Spring 2012. Let me make it clear that my ultimate goal is to get a BSN, I am just confused as to which path to take in... Read More

  1. by   chevyv
    For a staff position most employers only want to make sure you are licensed. I also wouldn't be worried about the pass rate too much. When you finally finish, you have to study to take your boards anyhow. I practiced questions from ncsbn and think I paid $50 which is cheap. I had no difficulties with the exam and our pass rate wasn't the best either. Good luck in your decision!
  2. by   tokyoROSE
    Couple things to look at- price of the programs, and what is the job prospect in your area? Hospitals in my area will ONLY hire new grad with BSN's.
  3. by   Mentalageis16
    to Mr.Parco only,

    Quote from Paco69
    Wondering who died and made you the authority on nursing safety. You need to back up that statement with concrete data.

    I am in an accelerated BSN, and that will not make me any less safe a nurse as someone who went to a diploma school, completed an ADN or a 2-year BSN. Everyone has different learning styles and different needs. At the end of the day, it's what fits one's situation best.

    New graduate nurses that pass NCLEX on the same day start off on the same playing field, regardless of how they got there. Experience will thereafter define the quality of nurses. If I am ever sick, I won't care to ask how you got to your RN license ... all that will matter is that you give me safe and priority care!

    where did you read in my statement about that you as any less safe as a nurse huh???where? could you point it out and SUPPORT with your CONCRETE DATA? lol

    it is public forum, I have a freedom to express my opinion, and NO, I don't feel I'm an authority in any kind statement I made, do you on the other hand feel like you are the authority in judging every statement from everyone???? laugh

    so before you judge what I said, understand it first alright dude?
    you may accelerate to get your BSN, but how accelerate to get a job ?

    we'll see.

    when I say "safest route is ADN-BSN", I meant it's time consuming but you learn everything at a slower pace and will absorb materials in a more steady way. Am I wrong in that sense? I didn't use that statement to judge who's a safe nurse or who isn't. Anyone with a pair of healthy eye balls is able to differenciate the two.

    and you made into accelerated BSN program so far? how'd you passed your reading comprehension part on entry exam to your program? lol

    now, take it easy. if you have anxiety because it's soon that you will need to find yourself a job, then go to therapist and talk about it.

    I keep my ground, ADN-BSN is best, and feel free to analyze and attack everything I said, period
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  4. by   PacoUSA
    Mental, I already have a job lined up after graduation ... and this is all the time I am going to waste responding to your nonsense post. You're also blocked.
  5. by   Nolander
    No reason to argue here people, I'm just trying to explore my options and hear the paths other people have taken and how they view it.
  6. by   leenak
    Where are you located? It was said earlier in this thread but in many areas, you may find an extremely difficult time finding a job as an ADN plus the time difference between ADN and BSN is not that much different. If I were you, I'd go for the BSN program unless you know ADNs are getting hired readily in your area. If they are, then go the ADN route, get a job, then do an RN-BSN program and hopefully have your work pay for at least a portion of it.

    Otherwise you may find yourself spending a lot longer and a lot more money to get a BSN if you aren't able to find a job and a potential employer to help offset the costs.
  7. by   Mentalageis16
    Quote from Paco69
    Mental, I already have a job lined up after graduation ... and this is all the time I am going to waste responding to your nonsense post. You're also blocked.
    you got a job already and couldn't care less what other people are striving for, so feel free to comment and feel like an authority here, is that what you mean? axxhxxx. well you know what, If I'm a patient, I wouldnt give a sxxx to you as a nurse, you sucks, and I don't care if I'm blocked, at least I said the truth lol.