Accepted and terrified!

  1. I just found out on the phone today that I'm starting nursing school next month! I was number 10 on the waiting list. They sent out a letter with the info I need apparently so until it comes I'm kind of in the dark for what to do to prepare or registering or anything at all! I'm also terrified! I guess that's normal though right? I can do this right? Lol...

    Thanks for any calming words!
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  3. by   student_nurse24
    I got accepted from a waiting list too. It'll be ok! Just relax now and let yourself be excited!! Nursing school takes ALOT of work....but you'll get there!

    You start off with small baby steps so don't worry about being thrown in there.
  4. by   Tarabara
    Everyone is scared at first, i was terrified too! But the good thing is everyone else there will be scared too so you're not alone, plus your teachers are there to walk you through everything. Yes, nursing school is hard but they dont want you to fail. So if you need help with anything just ask them!
  5. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    Congratulations! To occupy your time, you could start looking for a stethoscope :P
  6. by   dallet6
    hehe...I got a list from someone else of a bunch of stuff I need. I guess the stethoscope is something that you can buy from the "nursing club" so maybe that's a good idea. So far I've made an appt for my physical and I'll get the titters and the shots I don't have then. Also I'm getting tb test number 2 today since I already had one of them a few months ago. Doing something to start to prepare before the registration/orientation meeting next week is alleviating some of the stress.

    Thanks all!