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In the spirit of Halloween, wondering if anyone else works on a haunted unit? I've been told we have a ghost in the wall of a room that weans oxygen. By morning, patient is no longer on O2, but neither the nurse, the... Read More

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    Late one night, the P.A. system spontaneously started blaring loud music into the dark hallway. I ran to find my coworkers, who were terrified and hiding out in the room at the end of the hallway. When I came into the room the Care Aide collapsed to the floor, screaming, thinking I was the ghost. This event was never explained, as the control switch for the P.A. is inside a locked closet.

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    Many times in the two and a half years I have worked at my hospital I have seen charts fall to the floor and TVs turn on when no one is in the room. But over the past month or so we have had four pt's tell us about a little girl in their room. Every single one has been completely alert and oriented not on any narcs... One pt had full on conversations with her for hours. It is the weirdest thing ... It seems like every few days someone else is talking about this little girl....
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    Jeweles26, I did not write my comment with the intention of offending anyone, so if I have offended you, I apologize. I was merely stating my point of view (with the intent to be as unbiased as possible).

    So.. enjoy your Kool-Aid?

    Kidding aside, please don't take my comment as a personal offense. Not meaning to spoil anyone's fun!

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