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Young and jaded. - page 2

Hi all. I got my RN license at about this time last year, right after I started working as a GN at a downtown San Antonio ICU. It's a SICU but we see a wide variety of... Read More

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    As I told a nurse last night "You can educate the patients until you are in blue in the face, but if you get to the point your turning blue it's time to give up."

    I was the bad nursing student who frequently told my smokers, "I know that to quit smoking is a hard decision to make and is something you have to be ready for. If you are interested I have information I can give you."

    I hate pushing lifestyles on people who have probably heard it a hundred times. People don't make changes until they are ready to.
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    Thanks to everyone for the words of advice and encouragement. I'm heading back to work tonight. I've been considering a change in scenery... and for now I'm taking a deep breath and looking forward to doing my best. It's all that can be done. Hugs to all!
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    Quote from AWanderingMinstral
    In brief, I understand the O.P.'s feelings. I think all of us do. My suggestion is to try a different specialty. Maybe a pediatric ED? You won't be rehydrating 7 y.o. drunks... Or, how about public health? Having served in the Peace Corps, I really feel that you will feel like you're making a difference when working abroad (CDC, Doctors Without Borders, WHO, etc.). Good luck and chin up!
    Exactly what I would suggest.
    There are tons of different things you can do with your background and experience, different areas of nursing you can try. You might be surprised to find that you enjoy a different area of nursing that you never thought you'd like.

    Also, if you can do some volunteer work in your community or abroad, it might help to see that you can truly make a difference!
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    It has been said that water seeks its own level.The serenity prayer helps.
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    Quote from apocatastasis
    Thanks to everyone for the words of advice and encouragement. I'm heading back to work tonight. I've been considering a change in scenery... and for now I'm taking a deep breath and looking forward to doing my best. It's all that can be done. Hugs to all!
    I'm glad to read that you are giving it another go. And +1 to all the wonderful input from the contributing posters.

    If I could impart a small nugget that I gleaned when I thought the world was filled with nothing but utter hopelessness. It's not much, but I find it helps me cope with a broken world, filled with broken people. I hope it helps you.

    I once had a conversation with a wise friend of mine who was a social worker, (who later switched to medicine) that was brief but very enlightening regarding service delivery, be it health care, community development or financial guidance services.

    She told me that ours is not to impose our agenda on our clients. We cannot reasonably expect those who *OUGHT* to know better, actually know better. Similarly, we cannot reasonably expect ourselves to ensure that people - who by their own admission, via acts of omission/commission, thus are their *OWN* agents - somehow turn it around overnight, or, if ever. We can only ensure that we have done all that we can do in that precise moment and in that particular place.

    People will always run around chasing windmills with their swords and hubris,and will almost always fall upon them.

    Please don't allow circumstances of other people's choices impede your desire to help people. You ARE helping people when you clutch them from the brink of death. You are doing a fabulous job. (Although, I'm sure you already know that ) You have fulfilled your end of the bargain. It is up to them to decide whether to continue on the path of recovery/self-extraction from cycle of systemic violence.

    May you find peace and clarity in whatever you decide to do.
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    I feel that in any job, whether it is nursing, waitressing, construction, singing...etc., there are goin to be the ups and downs of the job. I feel that the original post is something that many nurses can relate to and the honesty is incredible. The one thing about nursing that one should consider is that there are so many options...I would think about maybe going PRN on your floor after finding another job that you might feel more appreciated. You do care, because you would not have written such a long post about your feelings. I hope some of what I said and others brings you comfort. I, personally am awaiting board results and loosing my mind.
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    Vent in here and to your close friends who do NOT work where you work. You're not alone in resentment! We all have coping mechanisms, you just have to find yours that, hopefully, are healthy!

    Me? I'm old and jaded!