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A friend of a friend called today to find out if it was possible to be a nurse or medical assistant with a fear of blood. Apparently, yesterday in class (she's going to school for medical assisting) they started doing phlebotomy... Read More

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    I used to have a really big fear of blood.... even when my sister or anyone would talk about it I would get ready to pass out. I was at a friends house once and my friend cut open his finger on a kitchen knife and was bleeding everywhere...... I totally passed out.. This happened while I was doing my nursing pre-reqs and everyone there said "wow you wanna be a nurse? maybe you should re-think that". I got so mad that I was determined to get over this fear. I started volunteering at the ER and the first couple days were hard, but I managed to get passed it. Now when someone comes in bleeding from an open wound, I switch into RN mode and immediatly start thinking about their concerns, not mine. I'm sure when I get into nursing school and start seeing a lot more it will bother me for a little bit, but I have come so far that I know with a little more exposure I can get over this.

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