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Hi! Did anyone out there work while in nursing school? Is it do able? I can only imagine how intense the curriculum is going to be, but I must work at least part time to pay my bills... Nursing is my dream, and I am ready and... Read More

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    I worked full time all the way through nursing school, including my first 2 quarters where I had pre-reqs to finish up as well. I graduated with all A's. It can be done but I will say those first two quarters were a nightmare and work and school were all that I did--my husband did everything else. I mean I did not clean the house, I did not do the dishes--nothing. Good luck.

    This really makes me think I should move in with mom so she can help me with my 2 boys, one is old enough to stay home alone, thank goodness, finally, but I have a 3-year-old who has been in "terrible two's" since he could crawl, so no studying or anything can be done when he is at home. I worked for 18 years at home doing medical transcription, with my other son being 8 months old when I went back to work after having him, but I still cannot work at home with the little one, so I do not get anything done in the evenings, so to add a full-time job, nights, and 4 weekedays of school.....I am so worried I cannot do this. However, if I get this job today, I am going to take it and at least be full-time over summer (even though I'm taking 6 credits, they are both online) and see what happens in August?

    My other issue is my landlord wanting me to sign a new lease, rent is $1000 and this PCT job is going to pay less than my other; but I don't care, ER at a trauma hospital?! I'd do this for free!! if I could, but I have 2 boys to raise by myself now...

    Any advice?

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