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Working out these IV Pumps... - page 2

So I'm learning about these IV pumps... Most of what I'm delivering is non-critical, Saline solutions, Blood, etc... and almost always on the ward. When I'm using these things all I'm really... Read More

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    I use the VTBI feature on our pumps to call me back to the room to check the pump at a certain time - e.g. to take q1h blood vitals, to check for PTT results on my heparin gtts, and (like others have mentioned) to remind me to order a new bag of my pressor or sedation drips. We also have a cool feature that allows us to pre-program the pump and put it on delay, so I can set up a new drip and have it ready to run when my med arrives from pharmacy.

    It does take some getting used to. I went from simple pumps to the complicated ones now I use now, and it took me about six months to really get them down and understand how to use all the features. Now I would really miss them.
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    Quote from iv mad
    Does anyone ever set these things using a VTBI over a time period and never entering a flowrate?

    I think you're missing the point here,....if you tell the pump to infuse 1000ml in 4hrs, are telling it to infuse at 250ml/hr,..the pump calculates for you when you enter the info,.....seriously this doesn't have to be so difficult,...spend 20 min playing with one and you'll have it down!
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    For the most part, I do use the "other stuff". Typically the patients I care for have pretty specific parameters, even for such mundane infusions as NS or D5 1/2 c 20mEq KCL. If they come from the cath lab or the ED with NS running by gravity, sometimes I leave it off the pump and let it run in by gravity (if I'm super busy and they don't have a history of CHF, pulmonary edema, ESRD, etc.), but most of the time we do have a specific flow rate and/or VTBI prescribed. When infusing meds such as heparin, Integrilin, NTG, dobutamine, and so forth, then the "colleague guardian" feature is really very nice (and required per protocol), and yes, I do use VTBI. Typically, I program the VTBI for continuous infusions to be less than the total volume in the bag so my tubing doesn't run dry. I can switch between viewing either the volume left to infuse or the amount of time left in the infusion to give me an idea of when I need to get in there and hang a new bag/bottle.