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My Aunt died of mysterious causes last Tuesday, she turned 59 on the day she died. My family is distraut and we're pretty sure her husband killed her......he tried to do it 11 years ago using prescription pills (he's a... Read More

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    <I don't know at what point we should go to the police.>


    Thats the first place to go with these suspicions. If you are afraid to talk to them, just print out your posts here & show them your story. If they dont do anything, talk to the District Attorney. You can call the police dept homicide division in her community or go to your own police & they will help you with that.

    What are the funeral director, the hospital, & the coroner going to do if the police arent involved first? They probably wont even talk to you because the husband is the legal next of kin. You certainly wont be given any copies of her medical records and maybe not even the autopsy report. All you may get about the autopsy is what her husband tells you it was.

    The police can get the coroner to do more extensive testing and can get information from the hospital hubby said he took her to. And if she turns up to have had drugs in her that he gave her without an MD prescription, Id report his butt to his licensing board for practicing as a physician and causing someones death.

    But first things first - the police station to speak with a homicide detective.

    I expected to see that after the chemical autopsy was done, the husband had her cremated.

    Condolences to your family and I hope you get answers soon.
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    First of all I too am sorry for your loss.
    AS far as the autopsy is concerned, from your post I gather your Aunt had medical problems in the past. Since she was in rehab and you mentioned her improved speech I figured it was a stroke.
    When we have a death in the ER the only time we call the coroner is if the pt. has no significant medical hx, the death appears suspiciuos in nature , the family doc does not want to sign the death certificate, or the pt. has no MD or has not seen one in a long time.
    If your aunt's doctor aggreed to sign the death certificate because of past medical hx and had no reason to believe it was not natural causes that is why a complete autopsy probably was not done. Were the tox screens done by a hospital or the coroners office? If it was done at the coroners office then I'm not sure why they wouldn't do a complete autopsy.
    Anyway, sounds fishy to me and I agree with above posters to contact authorities and pursue this!!
    {{{{hugs to you and your family}}}}
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    jt...ill betcha the sister can get the medical records UNLESS the husband has signed for them not to be seen by any family member other than him...if thats the case, id say you have a pretty good answer right there
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    Please contact caj--he's a trust worthy person and can help expidite things for you. Sorry I didn't include him in first post....and he LOVES nurses.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm going to print this out and show my family.

    The slurred speech was from being drugged up all the time by him. I've seen it first hand when she would complain of a headache he would push pills on her. She would ask what it was and he'd tell her to nevermind, he knew what was best for her and she should take the pills.

    When she almost died 11 years ago it happened at my Grandma's house. He dumped her off to go golfing and a while later she turned blue and almost stopped breathing. My mom called an ambulance and after they took my Aunt, another Aunt and my mom went through her suitcase and found 3 HUGE ziplock baggies full of pills that weren't in bottles. The FBI was notified, they investigated, found that where he worked pills were missing, gave him a slap on the wrist, and he opened his own store. I can't remember exactly what pills were in those bags, this happened the day before my high school graduation.

    He wanted the body cremated, but her 3 sons said that they didn't want that, so luckily she is buried.

    Believe me, it is hard to be coming here and accusing someone of murder, my hands are shaking as I type this, but I need to know what steps my family needs to take. We're apprehensive of going to police because we don't want them to laugh in our faces. We also don't want hard feelings with my cousins, but we can't live the rest of our lives wondering what exactly happened.
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    <I need to know what steps my family needs to take. We're apprehensive of going to police because we don't want them to laugh in our faces. We also don't want hard feelings with my cousins, but we can't live the rest of our lives wondering what exactly happened.>

    You HAVE to go to the police. Thats the first step to get your answers. So what if they laugh (I doubt they will but if they do - so what?) The man has a history. You just stand firm & push it until they pay attention or go above their heads. All you have to do is give them the info you have put here, including his past "activity", they will do the rest. Even if he didnt intentionally mean to kill her, if he was giving unprescribed drugs to her, he was doing something illegal. Let them investigate. You arent going to get any answers any other way. After her report comes back showing unprescribed meds, report him to his licensing board.
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    Please accept my condolences upon your aunts passing.

    CAJ is an expert. You have his opinion and need to implement it NOW. Talk w/ you Mom and Grandmom and get it in progress. STAT.

    Atarax is Vistaril with a different radical on the end. A lot of people have prescriptions for it for itching, nausea et. al.

    This whole thing stinks. Do as CAJ says and call the authorities, not the funeral home or doctor.
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    That is a terrible situation. I am so sorry for your loss. Death is hard enough to deal with WITHOUT this type of suspect behavior. My thoughts are with you, and your family. Please keep us posted on what is being done.

    Again, so sorry,

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