Why is nursing such a horrible job?

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    You deal with too many people and situations in 12hrs!!!! eg RN, LPN, MD, NP, PA, CNA, RT, OT, PT, dietary etc but not forgetting that specially certified and nationally accredited PITA patient you are guaranted to get each shift.
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    Still love nursing though!
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    Too many demands in too short time. Persistent short-staffing. Frequent mandatory overtime shifts due to sick calls. No breaks. No lunches. Negative, non-supportive management.
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    There is a possibility that nurses are less respected but hold an extremely important value to the industry. There is also a shortage of staffing.
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    It’s become a terrible job for some. Excluding ED; ER; ICU; CRNA, NP’s; it’s simply an extension of our economic and moral climate. Nurses currently are a dime a dozen. Most of us are “meat.” Extreme pressure on “increase profit,” exists, and we are the small fish. Work us to death with reversing rotations, keep us in horrid places with one-sided contracts, and import foreign (often good) RN’s who “take what they get.” This will only change some years out when a true shortage exists. In the meantime, burn-outs disappear, there are plenty new grads to fill the empty spaces.
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    Nurses. We are our own worst enemy -- too short-sighted and too quick to "play the victim" rather than work diligently to solve the problems.
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    I ask myself this question almost everyday lol! Nursing is a people job...you deal with people and their problems, both mental and physical for 12 long hours. Its exhausting!
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    Where I work? Older nurses seem bitter. Little empathy for other nurses. Everyone has "been there done that" but show no interest in changing to make it better for all. No where near the shared governance ideas talked about during senior semesters of BSN. Don't expect this everywhere... counting down the years and months before I can quit and move-on to a more progressive setting.
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    It is b/c of administration and managers who develop quality improvement projects like 'improving teamwork on the unit'.

    When asked recently what my thoughts were on how to "improve teamwork on the unit", my response was to 'ensure the unit has enough team members to complete the work!'

    They can continue to develop a million ideas but without the manpower to implement them, they are just that, bright ideas!
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