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What is it with the hospital obsession with coffee? My patients seem to get it with every meal. I wonder, at what point in the day do they switch to decaf? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's coffee, coffee, coffee, and lousy coffee... Read More

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    Well, its easier to serve coffee than a beer with supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from egglady
    Well, its easier to serve coffee than a beer with supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nah... You don't have to 'prepare' beer!!!

    I never did get the whole coffee thing. Yeah, espresso tastes good but coffee? Ugh.

    I find tea more palatable.
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    Quote from egglady
    Well, its easier to serve coffee than a beer with supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not really, just get the can from the pharmacy and plunk it down in front of the patient. I've also given patients red wine with their dinner.
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    I like a cup of coffee after dinner. I also drink a lot of caffeine throughout the day.

    Sometimes I drink half a can of Diet Coke before bed, sleep well until about 3am, then wake up and drink the other half and go back to bed.
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    Quote from multicollinearity
    I remember my grandparents put on a pot of coffee before breakfast and then later after dinner. It was like their ritual.
    My grandparents and parents did the same.

    I cannot drink caffeine after noon - or else I will not sleep.

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    Quote from FireStarterRN
    If I'm ever hospitalized I'll be sending down to the hospital espresso bar every morning. 16 oz double latte, extra hot please!
    Somebody after my own heart!! I :heartbeat latte w/sugar free vanilla or caramel, but I always ask them to make it extra hot. If you don't its lukewarm within minutes.
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    Our facility does not automatically send coffee or tea on the meals tray. A patient has to circle it on their menus in order to receive it. We do have a restraurant type coffee maker which dispenses reg, decaf or just plain hot water with reg or decaf tea bags available so push comes to shove unless contraindicated we can given them what they want.

    When I worked psych only decaf beverages were available no matter what the patient wanted.
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    I wonder how wise it is to force a hospitalized person to go through sudden caffeine withdrawal. I don't even drink near the amounts that others do here, and yet I will get a bad headache if I miss my morning dose of coffee.
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    Quote from Whispera
    My husband can't sleep WITHOUT coffee before bed. It makes no sense to me, but that's how it is!
    Perhaps my husband has a long lost twin?

    My husband makes some kind of espresso that is thick--it's turkish/eastern style. The kind that is so strong that it actually leaves a layer of sludge in the bottom of the cup, and you have to sip it. If you drink too fast, you get the sludge. He makes one before bed (in addition to the 2-3 that he drinks during the day). He claims to sleep better after having it. He rides his bike a 16 mile commute every day, and runs several times a week. Each time, before exercising, he has a cup of coffee.

    Here's the deal; he's got quite a severe case of asthma. While he is well controlled with medication (thank ye gods for advair!), I think he still probably gets a little kick from the coffee. He really feels that he can breathe better after a cup.

    He is also an OCD type of person. I wonder if there is some connection there. You know how we treat add with amphetamines sometimes? You know how with certain ADD kids, you give them a cola and they actually calm down? I have a (totally unproven) theory that my OCD husband is able to be calmer and focus on one thing better when he has coffee running in his veins. Without it, he can't do his grading because the kitchen needs cleaned, and then he has to do a load of laundry, and then he has to sweep the floor....with the coffee, he seems better able to let those household tasks go, and focus on what he WANTS to do.
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    Mmmm, coffee:rollI love coffee, but it is addictive so I only have a few cups a day at most. I prefer dunkin donuts blueberry coffee with cream and splenda, but I will drink it black if I have to. It really helps me get through the day, but more than 2 cups makes me irritable and unable to sleep come bedtime.

    If I was being cared for and didn't have to get up early for school/work I would definitely drink coffee at every meal

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