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the reason i ask this, is because i feel like that's all i ever do. at the job where i supervise, it is our job (the staff would never dream of doing it, and it's just something that's expected of mgmt). however, at my staff... Read More

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    Quote from angelboiMikey
    I'm sure some of you are gonna think i'm nuts, but I'm interested in becoming a staffing coordinator. (no, I am not a raving lunatic LOL) Can anyone tell me what kind of experience i would need...what a typical day is like, etc. Thanx
    P.S. I've been an STNA (Ohio's fancy title for CNA) for 7.5 years.
    You are nuts!!! :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle (just kidding). I share an office with the staffing coordinator (when I work during the week, on occasion). She also deals with payroll. So she gets the calls for people offering to work, people calling in sick or cancelling, and the 'I didn't get paid for xyz days". She's on the phone a lot, and gets a lot of voicemails as well. She gets a lot of things thrown at her that are not her responsibility, like staff c/o not getting the day off they requested, or 'not liking their schedule' (the unit Nurse Managers deal with the initial schedules and grant all holiday and vac time). The only ones she actually 'schedules' are the per-diems and the overtime, then she balances out the daily staffing for the house. And of course, (on weekdays), she attempts to replace sick calls!

    I suppose every place is different, as far as their role. I don't know what she did before this. The one who she replaced was an adie on the floor, and is now a unit recept. on the floor (she couldn't take the job anymore!!! ).

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